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Mastering Your Breath With Joanna Krysiak

Breathing. It’s something we do thousands of times per day, and yet we never think about it. Yet, it obviously plays a vital role in our daily lives. Something as simple as breathing more deeply, rather than shallow, can make a tremendous impact on your life. In this episode, Adam sits down with Joanna Krysiak, a breathing expert specializing in well-being and stress management. With her extensive certifications in breathwork techniques, Joanna is highly sought after by ambitious people struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, sleep issues, emotional blocks, and overwhelm. As a breathwork facilitator and functional breathing coach, she helps individuals improve their health, find inner peace, and cultivate a sense of calmness in their daily lives, even if they have struggled in the past.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Joanna’s passion for health and fitness
  • How breathwork changed her life
  • The power of breathwork to get in tune with your emotions
  • Breathwork as a tool for personal growth
  • Reconnecting with the breath to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Breathe to thrive, not survive
  • Different kinds of breathwork modalities
  • Understanding the paradox of oxygen and carbon dioxide in breathing
  • Breathing NLSL (nose, light, slow, and low)
  • A breathwork exercise

Episode Highlights:

[10:12] Embracing the Strength in Emotional Vulnerability

Before breathwork, Joanna saw emotions as weakness, suppressed them and caused pent-up stress. Through breathwork, she transformed into embracing her emotions and recognizing their strength. Her story resonates with those who have suppressed emotions, leading to destructive outcomes. Joanna highlights the importance of acknowledging emotions and recommends breathwork for navigating trauma and emotional challenges.

[12:49] Breathwork as a Tool for Personal Growth

Breathwork is a powerful tool that can support us in various ways, but it’s important to understand that it’s not a magical solution for all our problems. While it may not fix everything, breathwork can help us navigate and find relief from any problem we face. It’s crucial to seek professional help when going through difficult times, but we can also empower ourselves by utilizing our breath. Breathwork serves as a valuable tool for personal growth and self-care.

[14:04] Breathwork to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

During times of stress, anxiety, and depression, it is common to feel disconnected from our bodies, avoiding any bodily sensations. However, the breath serves as a powerful tool to reestablish this vital connection. By simply focusing on our breath, we can experience liberation and a newfound sense of freedom and calmness within our bodies. This reconnection addresses the root cause of fear, anxiety, and depression, offering a pathway toward healing and emotional well-being.

[23:33] Types of Breathwork Modalities

  • Pause breathwork – This is the modality that Joanna first tried and became certified in. It is a variation of Holotropic breathwork but has a trauma-informed lens.
  • Conscious hyperventilation – Techniques like Holotropic breathwork, Wim Hof breathwork, and pause breathwork involve consciously hyperventilating to lower CO2 levels in the body. This can help release trapped emotions and access deeper states of consciousness.
  • Reduced volume breathing – Methods like Buteyko breathing aim to raise CO2 levels in the body by breathing more gently and lightly. This can increase tolerance for stress and train the nervous system.
  • Physiological sigh breathing – The technique Joanna demonstrated involves a two-part inhale through the nose and a long exhale. Can be done for relaxation or to release emotions.
  • Top/bottom breath holds – Briefly holding the breath after inhaling or exhaling to circulate energy or relax the body.

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