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The Path to Profitable Purpose With Huw Edwards

If you’re still at the crossroads between finding your purpose and working for profit, who says you can’t have both? You can find your purpose while being profitable at the same time. You just have to figure out your path to a profitable purpose.  

In this conversation, Huw Edwards talks about how you can achieve a profitable purpose and live your life according to your values. Huw is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and international speaker turned transformation coach who is on a mission to guide over-educated high achievers to a path of profitable purpose outside of their corporate careers. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with impostor syndrome or a corporate overachiever, barely gripping the ladder, Huw has discovered a way to illuminate your passage to the safe harbor of clarity and fulfillment. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • His decision to take a huge leap and leave Bridgewater.
  • Freedom equals making decisions based on your values.
  • The path to profitable purpose is about community.
  • Why we’re always going to be winging it – even business owners and leaders!
  • Making friends with fear and making it a tool.

Episode Highlights:

[15:10] Creating Autonomy in Your Life

Values in a vacuum are not valuable. It’s not just about what you value. For Huw, he values more than those things because he values autonomy and that’s what made him take a leap and leave Bridgewater. He wanted to be not just present with his family, but to be emotionally present as well and be able to give his best self outside of work. 

It’s not necessarily that a company’s principles are bad. But if your values are not aligned with the organization you’re working with and that you’re spending eight to 12 hours a day at, then it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. You’re going to dread going to work if your values are not aligned. And so, Huw took a leap, made a decision according to his values, and chose to create more autonomy in his life.

[22:23] Freedom = Making Decisions Based on Your Values

Freedom has a lot of connotations. There’s freedom of time where you can choose to work later in the day because that’s when you can do creative work. There’s freedom of place where you can work anywhere in the world. Then there’s also the freedom to make decisions according to your values. You have to know what you’re doing and give yourself permission.

[31:50] We’re All Winging It 

It’s about growth and evolution. As humans, we all want to grow. If you’re a high achiever and you want to grow, you’re always going to be bumping up at what you were capable of before. And so, you’re always going to be winging it and everybody is winging it. And having that kind of realization helps you get over the imposter syndrome because it gives you freedom. 

[53:53] The Path to Profitable Purpose

The path to a profitable purpose is an eight-step plan of how to get from where you are today to finding a purpose that is not only fulfilling and meaningful but also profitable. Finding your purpose doesn’t mean becoming woke but broke. It is about leveraging your uniqueness in a way where you create value for others and value for yourself and your family.

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