Flow Over Fear: Lead With Love

How to Lead with Love and Faith with Patrick Yanke

Want to learn how to lead with love instead of fear? In his interview with Adam Hill, former Air Force officer and speaker Patrick Yanke shares how focusing on virtues like forgiveness, gratitude, and humility can help you overcome struggles and lead others effectively. 

Patrick draws on his experience in the military and faith to discuss how we can all practice “sacrificial leadership” by putting others first – even in difficult times. Don’t miss this insightful conversation on rising above challenges through a servant’s heart. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Where leadership begins and why we always have poor people
  • How the question on authority brought him back to faith
  • Why shame is a gift
  • Understanding Christ-like leadership
  • Our job is forgiveness.
  • The servant leader CARES

Episode Highlights:

[08:53] Where leadership begins

Patrick quotes William Penn saying “No man is fit to command another who could not command himself.” Where true leadership begins is being able to follow others doing things the right way.

[10:34] Why we will always have poor people

We will always have poor people so that we have opportunities to practice love. The poor give us a chance to choose to love others through helping and serving those in need.

[11:49] It was the question on authority that brought him back to faith.

Patrick nearly lost his faith during a family crisis but later found his way back to rebuilding his Catholic faith from the ground up, taking on the zealousness of a religious convert or “revert”.

[17:46] Shame is a gift.

Patrick viewed the feeling of shame over sin as a gift because it helps one recognize their sin and turn back to God in repentance. When we turn around, there is no place where God is not with us. 

[23:53] Our job is forgiveness.

Patrick discusses how anger turns bad as wrath, explaining God says vengeance is His, not ours to carry – our job is forgiveness.

[26:39] Love vs. fear: The heart of servant leadership

Patrick contrasts fear, which is selfish, and love, which is unselfish and about helping others complete the mission as a servant leader through ensuring the work gets done while also showing love to the people doing it.

[29:02] The servant leader CARES.

Patrick shares that his acronym for servant leadership is CARES, standing for Communication, Commitment, Responsibility, Evolution, and Service.

[33:00] Does love require sacrifice? 

Yes, it does. Because in true love, you’re giving up something of yourself for someone else. 

[42:04] Without free will, there’s no love.

Patrick explains that without free will, there could be no love, because for there to be true love requires the ability to freely choose to love others.

[43:06] How to lead ourselves

Recognize emotions and associated virtues/vices. Discipline negative emotions through virtues. Pray daily prayers incorporating virtues. And humbly seek God’s will over personal wants.

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