Flow Over Fear: Do This Before Setting Goals

Do This Before Setting Goals

Are your New Year’s resolutions already failing you? In this episode of Flow Over Fear, Adam Hill shares why most goals fall flat – and offers a better way to set yourself up for lasting motivation and success in the new year. Discover a life-changing approach to the new year that leads to fulfillment rather than fleeting resolutions.

Only with clear priorities can you establish goals that are truly inspiring to pursue. Adam discusses how he applies this framework personally and gives examples of priority-aligned goals. Listen now to level up how you think about motivation, vision and progress in 2023.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Why 92% of resolutions fail by February/March
  • The difference between priorities and goals
  • How to find your core values through reflection
  • Setting 3 priorities for the next 3-5 years
  • Aligning SMART goals to your top priorities

Episode Highlights:

[01:45] Why Resolutions Fail

Statistics show that 92% of people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions by February or March. The real issue is that resolutions are typically set impulsively at the beginning of the year without deeper reflection. People choose goals based on superficial desires rather than understanding their core values and long-term vision. As a result, the goals lack meaning and motivation. When inevitable challenges arise, it’s easy to abandon goals that were not truly aligned with what’s most important. 

[08:00] Setting Priorities Before Goals 

Many people get overwhelmed trying to achieve too many goals at once without focus. Adam advocates first narrowing your priorities down to just three core areas for the next 3-5 years. This provides clarity and prevents distraction. Only with clear priorities can you then establish meaningful goals that are truly motivating to pursue. Adam recommends taking time for solo reflection to discover your true priorities. He suggests exercises like imagining yourself on your deathbed looking back at what gave your life meaning. This helps surface your core values from experiences of what brought you joy and success. Adam also reflects on his natural talents to discern his priorities. Priorities should not be based on superficial desires but rather what lights you up and aligns with your sense of purpose in life.

[21:28] Priorities vs. Goals

Priorities are centered on focus, discipline and continual learning through both successes and failures. The journey of evolving priorities is more important than any single outcome. In contrast, goals imply success or failure. If goals are not aligned with well-defined priorities, it’s easy to feel shame when they are not achieved. defining priorities first prevents this and instead leads to fulfillment in the process of progressing as a person.

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