Flow Over Fear: The Power of Perseverance

The Power of Perseverance with Iky Chan

Iky Chan’s story is one of triumph over immense challenges. In this episode, Adam Hill sits down with Iky who talks about her journey from facing high expectations as a child in Hong Kong to achieving success beyond what was imagined for her in America.  

Hear how Iky developed a solution-focused mindset that allowed her to empower her team and achieve her own goals. Discover her coaching techniques for getting unstuck and fulfilling your potential, even in the face of adversity. Listen and learn from Iky’s experience turning challenges into opportunities for growth and finding your dreams!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Developing a growth mindset through facing challenges
  • Overcoming obstacles with relentless goal pursuit and resilience
  • Achieving beyond expectations by empowering others
  • Fulfilling your potential through brain-based coaching techniques
  • Shifting your mindset from victim to solutions-focused

Episode Highlights:

[02:28] Iky’s future goals were enforced by her parents early on

Iky’s parents forced her future by telling the six-year-old Iky she would go to college in the US, become successful, get a good job, and support the family.

[08:15] Iky’s upbringing shaped her relentless growth mindset

The immense pressure and expectations placed on Iky from a young age to succeed in the United States shaped her mindset to relentlessly pursue her goals through resilience and overcoming challenges.

[14:11] Being resourceful propelled Iky forward

Iky’s resourcefulness shone through in her ability to creatively find solutions and opportunities despite facing obstacles like lack of money, language barriers, and health issues.

[25:25] It’s important not just to be heard, but to be understood

Iky emphasizes the important distinction between simply hearing words and truly taking the time to understand others.

[30:52] How Iky transformed the worst team into the best

Iky turned the worst performing team into the best by seeing potential in each individual, creating processes to highlight strengths, and reliably delivering high quality work.

[38:01] It’s important for both mind and body to align

Iky believes her health scare occurred because her head and heart didn’t align – and over time, it took a toll on her body.

[45:29] Iky’s deliberate pathway to becoming an effective brain-based coach

After leaving her successful career, Iky deliberately built coaching skills so that upon exiting corporate, whatever she did would effectively help many people through brain-based coaching.

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