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Don’t Create a Bucket List, Do This Instead…

Are you ready to start living a life of no regrets? In this episode, Adam Hill shares his strategy for creating an “Adventure List” – a written record of your goals for people you want to meet, places you want to visit, and experiences you want to have. He discusses why having a concrete list is so important for actually achieving the things you dream about. He also provides tips for ensuring your list is focused on goals that will truly fulfill you, and strategies for incorporating contribution to hold yourself accountable. If you’re looking for motivation to start actively pursuing your dreams, this episode shares a powerful framework for getting started.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • What is an adventure list?
  • Living a life of no regrets
  • The three essential elements of an adventure list
  • Three lenses for crafting your adventure list

Episode Highlights:

[01:44] What is an Adventure List?

An adventure list can help you organize your dreams and give them a sense of tangibility and possibility. It also prevents your goals from getting lost in the void of unfulfilled desires. An adventure list is different from a bucket list. A bucket list focuses on things you want to do before you die, with an implied sense of urgency or morbidity. Whereas an adventure list focuses on things you want to experience while you are alive, with an emphasis on actively living a fulfilling life in the present rather than just checking items off before death. It’s a more positive, life-affirming framing.

[06:18] The Three Essential Elements of an Adventure List

The three things that Adam Hill says are important to incorporate into an adventure list are:

  1. People – Who are the people you want to meet and build relationships with? This could include specific people you’d like to meet, like a president or celebrity, or it could be more general types of relationships, like finding your soulmate or best friend. The goal is to think about meaningful human connections.
  2. Places – Where in the world do you want to travel and visit? Be as specific as possible about locations you want to visit, like particular cities, museums, or natural wonders. Naming specific places makes the goals more tangible and helps with planning trips.
  3. Experiences – What experiences do you want to have that excite and scare you in equal measure, like skydiving or performing in an orchestra? Focus on adventures that excite you but also take you out of your comfort zone, like bungee jumping, learning a new skill, or volunteering abroad. These tend to provide lasting fulfillment when looking back.

[16:27] Three Lenses for Crafting Your Adventure List

Adam suggests looking at people, places, and experiences on your adventure list through three different lenses:

  1. What fills my cup – What genuinely interests, inspires and energizes you? What people and experiences really light you up?
  2. How I am contributing – Focus on goals that allow you to serve others and make a positive impact. Look for opportunities to contribute through your adventures.
  3. Combining elements – See if you can structure goals that combine people, places and experiences. For example, meeting a leader at an event in another country you want to visit. Bringing different elements together amplifies the experience.

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