Flow Over Fear: How to Achieve Balance

From Workaholic to Achieving Balance with Dr. Travis Parry

Ever feel stuck in a cycle of workaholism? 

In this episode, Adam Hill speaks with Dr. Travis Parry, who  reveals how he escaped the trap – with 8 kids in tow! 

Tune in as he dishes out practical tools for prioritizing what really matters, setting boundaries without guilt, and taking small steps towards your goals – with balance! 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Overcome the workaholism trap
  • Take the first steps to find balance
  • The concept of “gray divorce”
  • Fear is a short-term motivator

Episode Highlights:

[09:30] Balance work, family, and health

There is a need to balance family, work and health to avoid negative consequences like burnout and unhappiness. Prioritizing all aspects of life leads to greater well-being, more fulfilling relationships, and maximum productivity over the long run.

[13:41] Rely on older children for babysitting

Relying on older children for babysitting allows Travis and his wife opportunities to spend quality one-on-one time together away from home through activities like traveling and vacations.

[16:01] Workaholism is an addiction

Work can become an addictive coping mechanism when stress levels are high. When facing multiple challenges in one’s personal life, it is easy to lean into work as an escape and source of dopamine through accomplishments and praise, developing into an unhealthy addiction.

[29:39] How subconscious fear keeps workaholics stuck in the cycle

Subconscious fears formed from past experiences continue to influence decision making, even when trying to change behaviors. Workaholics justify decisions with data but are really driven by underlying fears of failure or success.

[35:04] How to get started with finding balance

Travis recommends doing inner work to identify your core values and vision. Then audit your time usage to gain insights. With that, consciously decide how to proactively schedule your time aligned with priorities.

[47:05] The concept of “gray divorce”

“Gray divorce” is the higher likelihood of couples divorcing after their children leave home. Without the shared goal of parenting, they may look at each other and question if they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Resources Mentioned:


Achieving Balance by Dr. Travis Parry


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