Flow Over Fear: From Homeless to Millionaire Coach

From Homeless to Millionaire Coach

Do you struggle with overwhelm, fear, and anxiety, or lack direction in your life and career? 

In this episode, Adam Hill sits down with Mark J. Silverman as he shares his incredible story of overcoming homelessness to become a millionaire coach. Mark discusses his journey from addiction and achieving success through personal growth. 

Mark shares his strategies for prioritizing tasks, managing distractions, and transforming fear into flow. Gain valuable insights on developing leadership skills to help rising executives reach their potential. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How childhood experiences shape how you see things
  • Turn your fears into a superpower
  • Accomplish goals through intention
  • Guard your to-do lists like a junkyard dog
  • Learn how to establish your worth
  • Leading by example: The importance of personal accountability

Episode Highlights:

[09:20] How childhood experiences shape how you see things

Doing trauma work later in life allowed Mark to realize how his childhood experiences shaped how he views things today. For instance, being violently ostracized from his neighborhood made him distrustful of groups.

[12:10] Most of our thoughts and feelings are conditioned responses

Mark explains that 95% of what drives us is subconscious. As children, we were conditioned in ways that influence our thoughts, feelings, and body chemistry as adults, without us realizing it.

[17:06] Turn your fear into superpower

Despite being an introvert who was afraid to pick up the phone, he realized his ability to connect with people and honor their trust was his strength.

[23:12] Accomplish goals through intention

Shift your perspective on your ability to focus and prioritize the things that you want to accomplish. It’s not a time management problem but rather an honesty problem, if you don’t know how to say no to unnecessary tasks or say yes to things you want due to fear holding you back.

[28:23] Guard your to-do lists like a junkyard dog

Mark advises guarding your to-do lists carefully and having each item fight to stay on the list by determining if it truly needs to be done today by you or else the world will end.

[37:53] Learn how to establish your worth

Mark realized he was transactional in needing validation from clients telling him he was wonderful in order to feel worthwhile, but doubling his prices established his true worth and value as a coach.

[51:07] Leading by example: The importance of personal accountability

As a leader, it’s important to hold yourself accountable to the commitments and goals you set for yourself. Set the right example for your team to follow and stay accountable to their goals as well. 

Resources Mentioned:


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Mark’s books: 

Only 10s 2.0: Confront Your To-Do List and Transform Your Life

The Rising Leader Handbook

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