Flow Over Fear: How to Make Your Wins “Stick”

How to Make Your Wins “Stick”

Tired of feeling anxious or overwhelmed by your big goals and dreams? Stop getting overwhelmed by your to-do list.  In this episode, Adam Hill shares his system for achieving big results by consistently increasing your intensity – by just 5% at a time. 

Learn Adam Hill’s simple strategy for achieving big goals through small daily wins. Track your progress on sticky notes to visualize your journey toward success, and break down lofty dreams into manageable steps.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Setting 90-day “rocks” to stay focused
  • Breaking goals into daily 5% increases
  • Tracking progress with sticky notes

Episode Highlights:

[02:29] Change your relationship with fear

While acknowledging that feeling fear is inevitable, it’s better to change one’s relationship with fear rather than letting it control us.

[04:20] The roots of modern anxiety

We don’t face as many life threats today as in history, yet we still feel fear and anxiety. The three core elements that contribute to modern anxiety are – uncertainty, overwhelm, and self-doubt.

[08:35] Build your courage muscle through gradual exposure

When overcoming fear by gradually nudging outside our comfort zone in a controlled way, we can expand that comfort zone over time. Having developed points of reference for courage through regular, small exposures prepares us to take bigger leaps confidently when needed.

[10:19] The power of 5% increments

Start with small goals,  5% beyond your current abilities. Then gradually increasing intensity in increments of just 5% to build skills and confidence over time.

[14:23] Why 90-day goals are key to success

Adam stresses the importance of setting 90-day goals, or “rocks,” because human attention spans typically last 90 days. Beyond that, it’s easy to lose sight of goals and momentum, causing resolutions to fail.

[15:47] How to determine your 5%

Determining the right 5% increment depends on the goal’s size and timeframe – smaller goals may see daily habits as 5%, while larger aims need weekly or monthly milestones to reach 5% closer.

[17:02] The 5% Sticky Wins

Adam suggests celebrating each 5% achievement by writing it on a sticky note and placing it on a wall to visually track progress, calling this strategy “5% Sticky Wins.”

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