Flow Over Fear: Forge Unshakable Confidence

How to Better Decisions Faster and Foster Unshakeable Confidence with Paul Epstein

Want to get better at making important decisions and quiet the voices of fear and doubt? In this episode, Adam Hill sits down with sports executive and bestselling author Paul Epstein. Paul shares insights from breaking revenue records in the NFL and outlines his framework for making better decisions faster through gaining clarity, building confidence, and acting with conviction based on your core values. 

Listen as Paul discusses his personal journey developing confidence and how he now helps others embed more confidence in their daily lives through intentional processes and systems. Walk away with practical tools to navigate difficult decisions, quiet the voices of fear and doubt, and take action aligned with your true self.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Prioritize imperfect actions over outcome
  • The 4 C’s of Better Decisions Faster
  • Tackle your Most Valuable Decisions (MVDs)
  • The head-heart-hands equation
  • The practical power of values over purpose

Episode Highlights:

[04:19] Support others through shared experiences. 

Drawing on past lessons, we can best support others facing similar challenges.

[08:10] Prioritize imperfect actions over outcome.

We are naturally afraid both of the unknown and of chances we didn’t take. Prioritizing action over outcome through focusing on progress through imperfect steps rather than results.

[11:38] The 4 C’s of Better Decisions Faster

Paul outlines the 4 C’s of decision making as Clarity, Confidence, Conviction. And Courage – and each C builds upon the previous one in a natural progression.

[14:29] Tackle your Most Valuable Decisions (MVDs)

Paul notes we make 35,000 daily decisions but should focus on the few “Most Valuable Decisions” or MVDs with greater impact.

[15:26] Evaluate you MVD with the head-heart-hands equation

Identify your Most Valuable Decision or MVD. Then check in with your head (mindset), heart (authenticity), and hands (action) regarding that decision using his equation.

[19:25] Confidence = Values x Action

Your level of confidence increases based on how frequently values are lived out through actions over time.

[29:34] The practical power of values over purpose

Paul asserts that while a “why” is important, values provide a more concrete way to guide daily decisions and actions.

[43:03] Stop drifting on default, and start living and operating by design. 

Make choices in a deliberate, purposeful manner aligned with your true values and priorities.

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Better Decisions Faster: Unshakable Confidence When You Need It Most

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