Flow Over Fear: Finding Mission Beyond the Military

From Military Man to Millionaire Biz Dad with Adam La Barr

Struggling to find your purpose after service? 

In this episode, Adam Hill sits down with entrepreneur and real estate investor Adam La Barr to discuss  how he turned his Air Force experience into real estate success. Adam now empowers a new generation of military investors through Active Duty Passive Income.

Get invaluable insights on vetting partners, overcoming obstacles, and transforming your drive into a new mission of financial independence.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Lessons from military service
  • The healing power of opening up
  • The importance of speaking with fellow veterans
  • Lessons from early real estate investing
  • Advice on choosing partners

Episode Highlights:

[10:44] How military service shaped his success

Adam’s service in the Air Force and deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan taught him the value of self-reliance. Through overcoming struggles, he learned how to apply these skills positively to benefit his business and family.

[14:28] The burden of silence lifted

Adam highlights the alarming rate of veteran suicide and how speaking with his wife about his internal struggles after bottling them up for years was a turning point that lifted a weight off his shoulders

[15:24] There is healing power to opening up

Internalizing struggles alone is unhealthy. Reaching out to others with empathy can help lift that burden of feeling like a burden.

[18:08] Find comfort in common ground

Military veterans going through difficulties would likely benefit most from opening up to a fellow veteran who can relate through shared experiences in service.

[23:08] Lessons from early real estate investing

Adam La Barr learned invaluable hard lessons from his first major real estate deal, a 62-unit apartment building that faced setbacks like non-paying tenants and contractors walking off – teaching him the importance of due diligence, partnerships, and hands-on management.

[30:45] Advice on choosing partners

Thoroughly vet potential investment partners by conducting interviews to ensure alignment on long-term vision, goals, strategy, finances and emotional approach to avoid issues that can derail deals.

[34:28] Adam’s vision for Active Duty Passive Income

Adam’s mission for Active Duty Passive Income is to empower a new generation of military investors.

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