Flow Over Fear: Financial Freedom Mindset

How to Become a Mindset Ninja and Find Financial Freedom with Mandy McAllister

In this episode, Adam Hill sits down with Mandy McAllister about her journey from farm girl to entrepreneur – leaving the W-2 world behind after building a stable income stream through multifamily property investing.

Having spent most of her career in the fast-paced world of medical device sales, Mandy was ready for a change. In 2021, she made a leap to full-time real estate investing and entrepreneurship after achieving her financial independence goals. She now leads GoBundance Women as CEO, helping other women do the same. 

Find out how she made the shift from the corporate grind to being her own boss and what insights she has to offer for anyone looking to escape the 9-5 life.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The power of prioritized needs
  • Reverse-engineering big life decisions
  • Mandy’s financial freedom calculator
  • Leaving a W2 job for real estate investing, with tips on mindset and strategy
  • Securing your financial floor first
  • How to overcome overwhelm

Episode Highlights:

[06:14] Your life’s trajectory depends on what your prioritize

Tony Robbins taught that the human need you prioritize most often dictates the decisions you make, with the six needs being certainty, uncertainty, love and connection, feeling important, growth, and contribution.

[10:30] You can experience success by reverse-engineering your decisions.

Start by envisioning your desired future outcome and working backwards to identify the concrete steps required to get there.

[17:45] Mandy’s financial freedom calculator

Mandy created a financial freedom calculator to help others determine their personal number needed for financial independence.

[20:40] Experimenting with entrepreneurship

You can test out entrepreneurship as a 12-month experiment by leaving your W-2 job and then check in on your vibe. If you don’t like it, go back to the workforce. But if you like it, then double-down on it.

[25:28] Planning your 9-5 escape

Ensure your financial goals are achieved and you’ve established a vision before exiting your stable career. Then have backup plans in place in case of short-term income gaps during the transition.

[27:30] View your current job as investment in your future

Mandy advocated shifting one’s mindset about an unfulfilling job to view it not as drudgery but rather as a means to fund future goals.

[32:52] Secure a base level of income first

Mandy advocates first establishing a stable base of buy and hold income-producing real estate to create a financial floor before taking on riskier value-add deals or projects.

[43:54] How to overcome overwhelm

Remove overwhelm from your vocabulary, and instead, say your life is full of opportunity. Time-block your week to focus on 2-3 big priorities and establish guardrails for your work hours to maintain balance. 

Resources Mentioned:


The Financial Freedom Calculator

GoBundance Women

The Psychology of Money

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