Flow Over Fear: The Learning List

The Ultimate Bucket List for Learning

Have you struggled to stick with learning a new skill? Discover how setting small, quarterly goals can help you consistently pursue passions and build competencies at a sustainable pace.

In his latest episode, Adam Hill shares how developing new skills and pursuing mastery has helped him overcome fear and anxiety. He discusses the importance of creating a “learning list” to brainstorm all the activities and subjects that interest you. Simply writing things down isn’t enough – you need a plan to take action. That’s where Adam’s strategy of setting small, quarterly commitments comes in.

Tune in to hear Adam’s approach to developing “multidisciplinary mastery” by stacking similar skills. He also emphasizes how learning connects you to new communities.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Achieving gradual mastery through focused learning
  • How to create your own learning list
  • The importance of quarterly check-ins
  • When to quit a learning goal
  • Building multidisciplinary mastery through skill stacking
  • Finding connection through shared learning

Episode Highlights:

[02:28] Achieve gradual mastery through focused learning

While it may appear Adam is skilled in many areas, he achieved them by gradually building competency in each area over time by focusing on one new thing at a time.

[04:10] Create your own learning list

List the things you want to learn that can engage your intellect, stimulate you mentally or physically, help you become healthier, or simply bring you joy and fulfillment as part of living an abundant life.

[10:24] Check in quarterly to assess if each activity still inspires you

Review your learning list each quarter to decide whether to continue pursuing each item or quit to make room for new goals. Consider if each activity still fulfills and inspires you or has become draining and boring.

[11:39] When to quit a learning goal

Adam suggests strategically quitting goals that no longer fulfill you after 90 days, to make way for new goals that better match your current interests.

[12:54] Build multidisciplinary mastery through skill stacking

Gaining foundational skills in one area first before taking on a new related skill allows you to build “multidisciplinary mastery” by stacking competencies in similar fields.

[13:52] Find connection through shared learning

Building knowledge and capabilities helps you connect with communities that provide support and human connection crucial for overcoming anxiety and fear.

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