Flow Over Fear: Stop Waiting and Start Living

Stop Waiting For Your Happiness And Start Living Today

We’re all looking forward to certain things happening in our life…but have you ever said to yourself, “After [this thing] happens, THEN I’ll be happy?”

In this episode of Flow Over Fear, Adam Hill discusses his personal journey to happiness and opens up about some serious hurdles along the way. Adam shares tactical advice on how to stop “waiting” and achieve happiness NOW.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Embrace the journey
  • Align your core values
  • Live proactively
  • Schedule your adventures

Episode Highlights:

[0:46] Stop waiting for life to happen

Adam discusses the trap of dreaming about an outcome and becoming unhappy when it doesn’t happen as expected.

[4:08] Don’t settle, pursue passions

The importance of pursuing your passion rather than settling for something that doesn’t align with your values or goals.

[9:07] Purpose through self-awareness

A challenge to separate yourself from societal expectations and find what truly fills you up, rather than waiting for external achievements to bring happiness.

[14:57] Confronting your biggest fears

How identifying and addressing your biggest fears allows you to understand them and align yourself more closely with your values to start living a more abundant life.

[19:16] Finding fulfillment and worth

Scheduling adventure moments that fill up your cup and expand life rather than just waiting for the destination, and knowing your potential worth.

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