Simple and Powerful Habits to Safely Expand Your Comfort Zone

Do you ever feel held back by your fears and limits? Our comfort zones naturally shrink if we don’t stretch them, leaving us feeling unfulfilled. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Small, consistent steps are the key to expanding what you’re capable of over time. In this episode, Adam Hill shares some powerful strategies for how to gradually push yourself outside of your comfort zone in a safe, controlled way. 

Learn about the importance of doing something small but uncomfortable every day, creating an “adventure list” of goals, and not overdoing it. Discover how you can apply these principles in your own life to grow in confidence and freedom. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Expanding your comfort zone for greater freedom
  • A personal childhood football experience and personal growth
  • Adam’s 80%-5% formula for freedom flow
  • Three rules to live by to expand your comfort zone

Episode Highlights:

[02:55] Expanding Your Comfort Zone for Greater Freedom

  • In today’s society, our obsession with comfort has resulted in a plethora of luxuries and conveniences that shield us from the fears of our ancestors. While seeking comfort is natural, it becomes problematic when we prioritize it over our growth and new experiences. Similar to a muscle, our comfort zone requires constant expansion. If we avoid pushing its boundaries, it contracts, causing discomfort and limiting our freedom. By embracing the right kind of discomfort, we challenge ourselves and unlock a world of possibilities for growth, learning, and fulfillment.

[12:18] Adam’s 80%-5% Formula for Freedom Flow

  • 80% represents the amount of intensity one should constantly use to make continuous growth. This refers to working at about 80% of one’s capacity on a regular basis to build up skills and abilities over time.
  • 5% is how much beyond one’s comfort zone one should push at any given time, in order to ensure continuous improvement. This small amount of additional effort or challenge outside one’s normal limits allows for growth without being overwhelming.

Adam suggests only nudging slightly past your comfort zone (the 5%) rather than a major push. This allows you to challenge yourself enough to see progress, while not overdoing it or reinforcing fears. The 80% regular effort also supports continuous satisfaction and motivation. Together, this balanced approach of 80% consistency plus a 5% stretch can help expand what one is capable of gradually over the long term.

[13:49] Three Rules to Live By to Expand Your Comfort Zone

  1. Try to do something that scares you on a daily basis, even if it’s the same small thing, to build the muscle of facing discomfort regularly. Doing something small but uncomfortable daily helps build your “discomfort muscle” so facing fears gets easier over time. (ex. Taking cold showers, trying a challenging workout, or public speaking)
  2. Create an “adventure list” of dreams and goals you want to achieve to help guide your progress and give you things to work towards outside your comfort zone. The list should include dreams, aspirations, or experiences that excite you, regardless of any fears involved in achieving them. Reviewing the list quarterly helps you break larger dreams into smaller, more manageable steps you can take in the short term.
  3. Don’t overdo pushing your limits by taking on too much discomfort at once. Gradually increase challenges in a controlled way without overwhelming yourself. Going too extreme can lead to burnout instead of steady progress, so listen to your body and mind’s signals.

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