Flow Over Fear Mo Salami

From Fear to Fulfillment With Mo Salami

In this episode, Adam Hill sits down with international speaker and online marketing expert Mo Salami to discuss his incredible journey of personal growth and success. Mo also discusses the difference between living in fear versus living in flow. Listen as he provides powerful insights on overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving your dreams through preparation, showing up consistently, and more. If you want to rise above fear and realize your full potential, this interview is a must-listen!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Mo’s career background and origin story
  • What triggers us to see signs
  • Jay Abraham’s strategy of preeminence
  • The importance of filling your own cup while serving others
  • Stepping into courage
  • Morning routines and self-care for personal growth
  • Embracing discomfort for personal growth
  • Creating your desired life and lifestyle in two ways

Episode Highlights:

[17:01] The Strategy of Preeminence: Serving Clients, Changing Lives

  • Mo explains the strategy of preeminence by Jay Abraham where he emphasizes that the focus should be on having clients rather than customers. Customers imply a transactional relationship based on price and convenience, while clients signify a commitment to serving them at the highest level possible. It means going beyond mere transactions and considering how to meet their needs best, even if it means referring them elsewhere or not offering the highest-priced option. The goal is to serve in a way that has a lasting impact, recognizing that by positively influencing one person’s life, they, in turn, can inspire and positively impact many others. 

[20:41] The Importance of Filling Your Own Cup While Serving Others

    • Tony Robbins talks about six different human needs, one of which is to contribute to others. But it’s important to remember that you are also “others.” And so, we should not forget about self-care and filling our own cup so we can serve even more people effectively. It is crucial because people learn from both our actions and words. When our actions align with our words, we have a greater impact on those around us.
  • [49:22] Creating Your Desired Life and Lifestyle
  • The power to curate the life and lifestyle you desire rests in your hands. By immersing yourself in resources like this podcast, finding your flow, and choosing your path, you can shape your own journey. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean limiting yourself or staying within a specific lane. The capacity of a human being is boundless, and your potential is limitless. Take the time to discover and define exactly what you want, embracing the freedom to create your ideal life on your own terms.

Resources Mentioned:


The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

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