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The Power of Resilience and Leadership With Amanda Moriuchi

“Excellence is essential for leadership.” In our latest episode, Adam speaks with Amanda about what beautiful leadership looks like and the importance of leading by example.

Amanda Moriuchi is the CEO of AppIt Ventures, one of the most successful female-owned tech development firms in the world. With nearly two decades of experience working with premier startups, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and nonprofits, Amanda has a passion for helping her clients harness the benefits of technology to improve the impact of their organizations.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How Amanda’s path to leadership began
  • What would it take to switch if you find yourself stuck?
  • The gap between expectations vs. reality
  • What beautiful training looks like
  • A life of balance vs. a life of fulfillment
  • How to move past burnout
  • Her life as a CEO of AppIt
  • The power of social media and social media
  • Setting an example for future generations

Episode Highlights:

[09:45] Sales as a Profession

Sales is often misunderstood and overlooked as a profession, but in reality, it is a noble and honorable career path. At its core, sales is about problem-solving and caring for people. It requires an understanding of abundance and the ability to effectively communicate with others. These skills not only make for a successful salesperson but also a successful person in general. As a society, we should encourage and teach young people the importance of these concepts in order to help them thrive in any career they choose. 

[10:00] What Would It Take to Switch If You Find Yourself Stuck?

To switch industries, assess your current situation by considering what you like and don’t like about your job, and identify the skills you enjoy using. Set specific goals and quantify what success looks like for you. Map out the steps needed to achieve your desired outcome. Despite challenges, with persistence and a clear vision, you can overcome obstacles and transition successfully.

[12:12] The Gap Between Expectations vs. Reality

When embarking on a journey, we often have expectations of how it will unfold. However, these expectations are often based on guesses or hypotheses that may not be correct. Despite this, we become emotionally attached to our expectations and beat ourselves up when we guess wrong. Instead, we should focus on respecting the process and delivering our best effort without demanding a specific outcome. We can’t control the outcome, so it’s important to be okay with the chips falling where they will.

[17:03] What a Beautiful Leadership Looks Like

To be a leader, one must earn it and be excellent. Being in an industry for a long time or having experience doesn’t automatically make you a leader. A leader must lead by example and demand more from themselves than others. Words must align with behavior and character to have credibility. Excellence is essential for leadership.

[34:59] How to Move Past Burnout

To move past burnout, it’s important to focus on healthy habits such as eating well and limiting alcohol consumption. It’s also helpful to identify the most important priorities – the “glass balls” – and remind yourself why you need to prioritize them. Recognize that burnout is temporary and everything changes, good and bad. Let go of attachment to stressors and focus on self-care and the things that truly matter.

[52:47] Setting an Example for Future Generations

When you have a desire to do something, it’s because you have what it takes to achieve it. Pursuing your dreams not only changes you for the better but also inspires others to follow in your footsteps. As leaders and managers, it’s important to recognize that people are watching and younger generations need to see proof of what’s possible. We must believe in our own capabilities and set an example for future generations.

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