Flow Over Fear Alyson Watson

The Power of Choice and Following Your Curiosity With Alyson Watson

Maybe you’re feeling trapped and overwhelmed – like you’re just doing too much, or you’re doing something you don’t like.  In those moments it’s hard to rise above the fear, but ultimately you have the power to choose how you’re going to live your life. It starts with choosing to change your perspective on things and following your curiosity. 

In today’s conversation, Adam Hill speaks with Alyson Watson, a supermom, athlete, and CEO of a 1,200-employee organization, about how she chooses to live a full life. 

Not even a nearly fatal bike accident could stop her. 

Hear more of her journey in this episode of Flow Over Fear. Be inspired and get ready to make choices that will direct the course of your own path!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How she got into the endurance world
  • What it was like going through her bicycle accident
  • Creating her own training plan as part of her recovery
  • Understanding the power of choice (in all areas of your life)
  • The importance of having priorities and boundaries
  • Follow your curiosity. 

Episode Highlights:

[07:54] Prioritizing Time for Yourself

It’s so easy to get lost in your everyday routines and responsibilities. But you’ve got to make it a priority to take some time for yourself. Whether that’s moving your body or meditating, start intentionally leading your life in the direction you want, instead of just living for all the external forces.

[18:28] The Power of Choice

Whether that’s an accident (as in Alyson’s case) or some other form of trauma, you have the choice to either look back on it as the worst thing that happened in your life or look back on it as something that led to positive change. You have the power to choose and when you have the faith to move in whatever direction you choose, you will get there. Apply that approach in all other aspects of your life and you will realize that you don’t need to be stuck and you can make a choice. Every day, you’re making choices. And you can make choices that are going to lead you toward your desired path.

[38:18] How to Get Yourself Out of a Rut 

Follow your curiosity. For instance, if you turn on the TV, and you see someone doing something amazing and you wonder what that’s like, follow that. Then see where that leads you. Make time in your schedule, prioritize some time for yourself, and use that time to follow those curiosities and see where it takes you. Sometimes when there’s fear of failure, or it feels insurmountable, just following that sense of wonder and curiosity is all you need to get you to pretty amazing places you never would have thought otherwise.

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