Niomi Hurley Flow Over Fear

Stepping Into Your Zone of Genius With Niomi Hurley

Everybody talks about overcoming or getting over your fears, or not letting fear stand in your way. But the reality is, it’s always with us. And if we’re waiting for that time when fear won’t be there anymore, then we will be waiting forever. Where a lot of people get stuck, is they don’t realize fear is there for them. But once you’re able to embrace fear and use it for your growth, you begin to step into your zone of genius. In this conversation, Niomi Hurley, founder of Get Up and Grow Consulting, shares her wisdom around flowing over fear so you can finally step into your zone of genius. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Why fear is healthy
  • Zone of excellence vs. zone of genius
  • Rising above the fear of being disliked
  • Dealing with your emotions through Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
  • Getting into your zone of genius as a leader
  • The recipe for success behind Niomi’s events
  • Embracing growth in a place of discomfort
  • About her Dealing with Difficult People course

Episode Highlights:

[05:15] What It’s Like to Take a Leap

Taking the leap can be uncomfortable, especially ​​when you don’t have that security of income or when you’re still trying to find that sense of purpose. And when you’re able to embrace that vulnerability and acknowledge that, there’s a sense of relatability with the people you serve. Because we’re all positioned to serve the people that we once were or we are. Once you’re in your zone of genius, you just feel different and you will be feeling joy every time. 

[08:18] Why Fear is Healthy

Back in the primitive days, fear was what protected people from threats. And a little bit of fear is actually helpful for us now, and it’s healthy to feel that. It gets the body pumping. It gets everything going and inspires you to go forward. Stepping into the unknown is probably the biggest fear. But you have to trust in your capabilities and your zone of genius. Trust that you’re making a decision from your head, your body, and your heart. If it feels right, then that’s what you need to do.

[09:23] How to Step Into Your Zone of Genius

Your zone of excellence comes when you’re in a space where you’re capable, but it doesn’t light the fire in your belly. But stepping into your zone of genius means that when you’re doing whatever you’re doing, you’ve constantly got a smile on your face because that’s where you’re meant to be. Your zone of genius is what lights your fire and that’s what you should be searching for. The step from the zone of excellence to the zone of genius is filled with uncertainty, unknowing, and that fear element, all of those sorts of things, because you’re in this comfortable space where everything’s familiar.

[17:35] How to Deal with Your Emotions

Through Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) , you go back into the subconscious and look at the things that are holding you back. When something holds us back and threatens our identity or our safety, we automatically come from a place of fear, frustration, or sadness. The emotion just comes out and once we identify it, we can move on. When you go in through the hypnotic state, you can address that and reshift it into the cognition of the adult you are, and then process it a lot more effectively.

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