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How to Overcome Attachment Issues and Build Meaningful Relationships with Adam Lane Smith

Let’s talk about relationships – the source of both joy and fear in our lives. Today, Adam meets Adam. Adam Lane Smith, also known as Attachment Adam, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in attachment issues, joins us today to help navigate these complex dynamics. By addressing attachment wounds, Adam helps clients build a new foundation for their lives and transform relationships in all areas – marriage, dating, work, friendships, and family. With his guidance, clients learn to find their voice, receive the love they’ve always wanted, and live without fear.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The rising attachment issues today 
  • A look into our broken family systems
  • How our early relationships shape our adult lives
  • The two kinds of people that hear the message
  • What goes into making the diagnostics?
  • Systemic desensitization and opening-up
  • Bipolar and depression in children
  • How to identify your own needs

Episode Highlights:

[08:43] The Rising Attachment Issues Today

Americans are facing attachment issues, with recent studies indicating that up to 65% of adults may have these issues. One individual’s personal journey led them to make attachment issues their life’s work after finding a lack of resources fully committed to tackling the issue. Through pioneering this specialty, they have helped thousands of individuals who previously struggled to find the missing piece in therapy. This highlights the importance of addressing attachment issues for improving lives.

[13:33] Lost Generation: How Broken Family Systems Have Shaped Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha

Millennials lack a model for healthy relationships due to the early loss of grandparents and multiple divorces. Gen Z and Gen Alpha face declining hookup culture, marriage, and sex with many living alone in small apartments, leading to isolation and a reliance on escapist entertainment that perpetuates the issue. This creates attachment issues that leave young adults feeling chronically alone and disconnected. Without guidance, building strong relationships is a challenge, leaving the future uncertain.

[15:59] How Our Early Relationships Shape Our Adult Lives

Many people only associate the word “attachment” with emails or Buddhism, leading to confusion when the term is used in the context of human relationships. However, attachment theory was actually developed by John Bowlby in the 1950s to explore how infants attach to their caregivers. The theory suggests that infants can either attach securely, feeling loved and cared for with predictable behavior from their caregiver, or insecurely, in one of three ways – unpredictably, in danger, or blaming themselves. This early attachment style sets the foundation for all future relationships, as it teaches individuals what to expect from others. Understanding attachment theory can provide valuable insights into how our early relationships shape our adult lives.

[17:59] The Link Between Pain and Teen Suicide: Finding a Path Forward

Pediatricians are sounding the alarm as suicide and depression rates continue to rise among young people. Shockingly, 11-year-olds are taking their own lives at unprecedented rates. But how could this be happening in a society that has evolved over time? The answer may lie in the fact that many individuals are living in a non-optimized state, experiencing emotional or physical pain without knowing how to alleviate it. By understanding that pain is simply a signal that things are not right, we can begin to explore new ways of existing that are more in line with our biology. It is crucial that we find a path forward to address the underlying factors contributing to this crisis, from broken family systems to social isolation and beyond. Only then can we hope to reverse this alarming trend and create a safer, healthier future for young people.

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