Flow Over Fear Jeremy Weber

The Journey Beyond Fear to Personal Branding Success with Jeremy Weber

In this episode, Adam sits down with Jeremy Weber who shares his journey from a government job to becoming a personal brand strategist and co-founding Brand Builders Group. Along the way, he overcame adversity early in his career that shaped his perspective and passion for helping others find purpose through personal branding. He discusses how being diagnosed with cancer at age 24 gave him a new perspective and motivated him to take risks. Jeremy eventually became a well-known thought leader in his industry and co-founded Brand Builders Group to help others find purpose through personal branding.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Being diagnosed with cancer at age 24 
  • Transitioning to the private sector and becoming a thought leader 
  • Getting fired and realizing money doesn’t equal happiness 
  • Co-founding Brand Builders Group 
  • Advice on connecting emotionally with your work before trying to pivot 
  • Where to find Jeremy and how to get a free brand strategy call
  • The importance of letting go of good talent
  • How to build trust at scale
  • The power of a personal brand
  • The value of a free brand strategy

Episode Highlights:

[45:16] How to Build Trust at Scale

Building trust at scale is crucial for business growth. Elevating the profile of thought leaders within a company by positioning them as experts in their field and increasing their visibility can establish trust and credibility with customers and set businesses apart from competitors. Properly positioning these thought leaders is key to ensuring they are perceived as authentic and trustworthy. Leveraging their expertise and credibility is a powerful way to achieve long-term success.

[50:42] The Power of a Personal Brand

A personal brand is a powerful tool that can help individuals connect with others and showcase their unique qualities. When individuals take the time to explore their professional and personal uniqueness, they can find a sweet balance between the two, inspiring action and driving growth for their businesses or leadership roles. Creating space to dig deep into one’s why or uniqueness can inspire confidence and meaning behind one’s actions, which is much more impactful than simply going through the motions of speaking or posting on social media. Ultimately, a personal brand can help individuals push forward with purpose and drive success in both their personal and professional lives.

Creating a personal brand is about elevating your profile and being known by the right people to help you be more successful in your current business or grow the business you’re running. It’s about throwing more gas on the fire of what’s already working, rather than starting a new business that can dilute your focus and create unnecessary pressure. Instead, it’s important to consider different roles within your current company or connect more authentically with the why behind the work you do to serve more people in your existing business. By starting with these steps, you can make progress and pivot downstream if needed, without losing sight of your overall goals and purpose.

[54:31] Finding the Why Behind Your What

When you take a closer look, you’ll discover the intersection between your skills and interests that led you to your current job. While some individuals may dislike their work, most individuals can benefit from connecting emotionally with the why behind what they do and how it impacts others. By doing so, you can be inspired to approach your work in a more impactful way and make a bigger difference.

Jeremy recommends starting with self-awareness and understanding your unique value before trying to pivot to a new business or side hustle. His free brand strategy calls are a great first step to gaining clarity on your personal brand and next steps.

Resources Mentioned:

Brand Builders Group

Instagram: @TheJeremyWeber

Get access to free one-hour brand strategy calls through www.freebrandcall.com/jw 

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