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Relationships Are Your Superpower!

In today’s episode, Adam speaks with Barb Betts, a sought-after keynote speaker, a seasoned real estate entrepreneur, a passionate educator, and the CEO of RECollective, a thriving boutique brokerage in Southern California. Barb has delighted countless stages including Inman Connect women up and the National Association of REALTORS annual conference. Barb brings an honest, compassionate, and authentic approach to every single stage. One of the things that shines out in this conversation is authenticity. 

As a real estate professional with over 20 years of experience, Barb has mastered the ever-changing real estate landscape and the balance of running a vibrant brokerage. Through her signature course Real Estate by Relationship, Barb educates business builders on the exact systems, processes, and knowledge necessary to succeed in any market known to wow an audience.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The keys to a successful marriage and partnership
  • Their introduction to the real estate world
  • The importance of being present with your children
  • Three things to help make a relationship work at work
  • Freedom to design your life the way you wanted it
  • A story of transparency and authenticity

Episode Highlights:

[10:17] The Keys to a Successful Marriage and Partnership

Trust and respect: When partners are also best friends, they have a foundation of mutual understanding and support that can lead to successful collaboration. Ultimately, respect is key in any successful partnership as it fosters a supportive and positive working relationship. While successful partnerships can be between polar opposites with different strengths and weaknesses, making it work requires effort, communication, and recognition of each other’s differences to utilize their unique strengths. 

Values: Even if you have differences, having common goals, dreams, and a commitment to ethics and morals can create a strong foundation for collaboration. As a team, it’s important to prioritize shared values in both business and personal relationships. 

Perspective: Having differences in a relationship can actually be beneficial, as it allows partners to provide different perspectives and help each other make decisions. Together, you can work through things coming from each other’s unique viewpoints.

[19:20] The Importance of Being Present with Your Children

Raising children through independent contracting and business ownership is no easy feat, but Barb and her husband found success in this approach. Their real estate business provided them with the flexibility to be present in their children’s lives and make them a priority. Being present for their children was the most important aspect of their upbringing. 

[23:41] Three Things to Help Make Relationship Work at Work

  1. Separate your roles at work and home life. When you’re in the office or on appointments, it’s best to act like business partners rather than husband and wife. Clearly defining and separating roles can help avoid any confusion or tension.
  2. Understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and delegate tasks accordingly. By doing so, you can ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities and who to turn to for specific tasks or challenges. 
  3. Establish boundaries and create a distinction between work and home life. When working with your spouse, establish boundaries and create a distinction between work and home life. For example, one could stop discussing work during dinner time to shift the focus onto family matters.

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Relationships Are Your Superpower!

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