Kassy LaBorie Flow Over Fear

Making Meaningful Connections in the Virtual Space

Do you find yourself experiencing Zoom fatigue? Do you struggle to get engagement in the virtual space? Are you finding yourself disconnected in the digital age? In this episode, Adam sits down with Kassy LaBorie to talk about all things virtual. Kassy is a professional speaker, an author, and the original virtual training hero on a mission to rid the world of boring slide-reading lectures, and passive virtual participants. Kassy is the founder and principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting, certifying leadership and development professionals to become virtual trainers, designers, and producers around the globe each day.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How Kassy started in the tech industry
  • The evolution of the WebEx culture
  • Embracing both worlds: in-person vs. online
  • Getting comfortable with tech
  • The benefits of working from home
  • Learning to set boundaries when you’re working from home
  • TheHow to balance work/life balance
  • How to get your participants to get on camera
  • Creating advanced polls in Zoom
  • How to deal with jealousy online

Episode Highlights:

[07:53] Embracing the Best of In-Person and Online Interactions

The pandemic has forced us to adapt to new ways of connecting with one another, and it’s been a mixed bag. While in-person interactions were once the norm, they weren’t always perfect. We often found ourselves feeling awkward during breaks or casual encounters. And when we shifted to virtual meetings, things got even weirder. But amidst the difficulties, we also discovered some unexpected benefits. Online meetings allowed us to connect with people across the globe and saved us valuable time and resources. Now that we’re returning to in-person interactions, we have a unique opportunity to take the best from both worlds and create something new. Prioritize what works and discard what doesn’t. 

[14:27] Embracing Technology: How to Make Meaningful Connections in the Digital Age

As we continue to navigate this new era of virtual communication, many of us are struggling to adapt. The key to successful online interactions is not just to tolerate technology but to embrace it fully. That means shifting our mindset and recognizing that technology can actually enhance our connections rather than hinder them. Whether it’s through virtual baby showers, birthday parties, or even graduation ceremonies, we have the power to use technology to bring people together from all over the world. At the end of the day, it’s not about the technology itself – it’s about the people behind the screens and the connections we make with them. So let’s put technology in its place and take the reins on creating meaningful virtual experiences. 

[17:48] The Benefits of Working from Home

Remote has been an adjustment for many, but it has brought unexpected rewards. Work-life integration has allowed us to seamlessly blend our work and personal lives, avoiding long commutes and guilt over taking breaks to tend to personal matters and achieving a more fulfilling and balanced existence. Though there have been challenges along the way, the renewed sense of purpose and productivity makes it worth it, encouraging us to focus on quality work instead of just punching the clock.

[21:08] Creating Clear Boundaries When Working From Home

Many people find it challenging to create a proper work-life balance when their home doubles as their office. However, Kassy was able to recognize the importance of setting boundaries and carving out a designated workspace in her home. By transforming her guest rooms into home offices, she was able to create a productive work environment while still enjoying the comforts of her own home. Kassy’s early experience serves as an excellent reminder that creating clear boundaries is crucial when it comes to successfully working from home.

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