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Live Your Future Identity With Alice Penn, MD

Sometimes, we are all so bound by a certain level of expectation from society that we start to build up an image of what our life should be like. When we get stuck in that perceived identity, we begin to develop perfectionism, fear, and anxiety – not realizing that we can actually let go of that identity and find our way forward even if we’re not exactly sure where it’s going to be. 

In this conversation, Adam Hill and Alice Penn MD explore how you can find your flow and overcome your fears and anxiety through a neuroscience approach. This is not just some woo-woo stuff. It’s actually all about creating new neural pathways so you can live your 100% best self!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The decision to transition from medicine to corporate finance
  • Letting go if you’re stuck in your identity
  • Grit is a double-edged sword
  • Using he neuroscience approach to free you from getting stuck
  • Don’t quit now, it could be a second too soon
  • The future identity approach
  • When you find your flow, your success will grow

Resources Mentioned:
IG: @alicepenn_md
YouTube: @alicepennmd
Atomic Habits by James Clear

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