Phil Lashley Flow Over Fear

Becoming Unforgettable With Phil Lashley

When we can be more imaginative, we can get into that world and set our minds free. We can ease ourselves or rise above our anxieties and realize it’s not the world we have to live in. The good news is that there is creativity in each one of us. But why are many people afraid to express it?

In this conversation, Adam speaks with Phil Lashley, a highly sought-after motion designer renowned for transforming ideas into unforgettable visuals. With 15+ years in the motion design industry, Phil has worked with multiple award-winning post-production studios in Hollywood responsible for marketing feature films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek, and multiple Superbowl commercials. As an experienced visual storyteller, Phil uses his signature framework to help ultra-busy thought leaders turn their ideas into videos and visuals that stand out and are unforgettable. 

Listen in as Phil teaches ways to tap into your imagination and bring that creativity forward!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How expressing creativity creates fear
  • How FRAME works
  • What Phil was running away from and running towards
  • Being intentional about getting deeper with your clients
  • The power of imagination as an empowerment tool

Episode Highlights:

[09:19] How Expressing Creativity Creates Fear

We’re all born creative. When we have a problem, we then create a solution. The thoughts that are wrestling in your head don’t really create that much fear because you’re not ashamed of what it looks, feels, sounds, or smells like. But from the moment you decide to express what you’re thinking, then it becomes this whole state of almost embarrassment or risk. Hence, the more you express your creativity, the easier it becomes, like a muscle that you have to work out. There’s something about embracing change that is directly linked to this muscle of creativity

[23:01] FRAME: How to Connect with Your Audience/Customers on a Deeper Level

    • Feelings – What are the feelings you want to evoke among your audience?
  • Related concept – What concept are you going to use that aligns with your message?
  • Aesthetics – Make yourself familiar with any template design template, and go from there. Have some consistent fonts and colors. If you’re not a designer, collect inspirational images that you can pass on to a designer and this would save them a lot of work. 
  • Message – What is the one message? Focus on just one message, otherwise, the audience is not going to remember anything.
  • Expression – How else can you express this piece of communication? (ex. Merch like t-shirts, hoodies, fridge magnets, etc.)

[49:22] Focus on Being Unforgettable

People are busy and tired of social media because there’s a lot of noise and distraction. And, so as you’re doing your messaging or communication, don’t focus on getting people’s attention anymore. Instead, focus on being unforgettable. Wrap your story and get deeper into what you want to say, giving the experience you want to give, and connecting on a deeper level. 

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