Mike Ayala Flow Over Fear

Facing Fear and Finding Freedom with Mike Ayala

How do you deal with fear and trauma and still get into your flow state? Even though it’s not easier, you can get stronger. This is an important part that you need to take to heart because if you’re not leaning into the hard things, then you’re not growing. And what you think is easy now is going to become harder later. Therefore, lean into the hard things and become better.

In this episode, Adam speaks with Mike Ayala, an investor, a speaker, a podcaster, and the founder of the “Investing for Freedom” podcast. He helps busy professionals and business owners find true freedom so they can live their best life. He’s also the co-founder of Four Peaks Capital Partners LLC, where he serves as the chief people officer among other many titles in that organization. Mike has over 22 years of experience in finding freedom by building teams and streamlining operations.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The importance of asking the right questions
  • Shifting the default ‘no’ to a ‘yes’
  • How to deal with trauma
  • What a flow state is
  • The importance of believing in yourself and your potential
  • Security vs. freedom
  • How to move past fear

Episode Highlights:

[07:29]” Shifting the Default NO to a yes”

Whether our parents put it on us, our friends, or the school system, we have been influenced by years and years of programmed belief. Relationships, experiences, and memories are what make the purpose of life. We invest so much in becoming better business owners and investors. But within that realm, those relationships, experiences, and memories are all that matter.

[23:46] Dealing with Trauma

Be careful about how you expect other people to deal with their trauma, too, because we’re all at different levels. As for Mike, he faced it head-on, dealt with what it is, and then told as many people as possible. All this was part of the healing process. 

[45:17] Not Easier, But Stronger

All the challenges that come at us don’t get easier. Hopefully, we will get stronger. That’s what separates people that keep going and keep moving from those that don’t. Every single time you put another notch in the belt, learn from your experiences, and just get better every time. It’s definitely not easy, and so, this goes back to the importance of having a community, support, and authenticity. 

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