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Unlocking Longevity and Optimal Health with Dr. Jeff Donatello

Discover the keys to longevity and happiness! In this episode, Adam sits down with Dr. Jeff Donatello, a renowned figure in the field of healthcare. Together with his wife, he co-owns the Center for Wellbeing, a top-notch clinic specializing in weight loss, stem cell and regenerative medicine, and functional medicine. With the spirit of adventure running deep within Jeff, he has over 110 triathlons under his belt. Not only has he conquered triathlons, but he has also tackled challenges like climbing Kilimanjaro and exploring an ice volcano in Chile. Yes, you read that right – an ice volcano!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The importance of systems to succeed
  • What to look for in a healthy person
  • How to know when to put in fat loss
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Building a healthy relationship with food
  • How Jeff became a competitive athlete
  • The secrets to longevity
  • Preventative medicine and the value of testosterone
  • The panic attacks in the water

Episode Highlights:

[12:19] The Importance of Systems to Succeed

In EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), you’ll benefit from a regular scorecard assessment to track your progress. After a quarter, it’s crucial to take serious action. By implementing a systematic approach, you can quickly identify and resolve any challenges. This process teaches the importance of having effective systems in place, especially when aiming to grow from four or five million dollars to ten million. While the valuation may be there, achieving this level of growth isn’t easy. It requires integrating HR, fractional CFOs, and possibly a COO within the C-suite.

[15:30] How Stem Cell therapy Works

Stem cell therapy offers a promising solution for various medical issues, eliminating the need for international travel in most cases. At the Center for Wellbeing, they specialize in regenerative biologics, utilizing a diverse range of effective treatments. With over six years of experience and 2,000 satisfied clients, they have a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t. 

Whether you’re struggling with arthritis, joint pain from physical activities like skiing or hiking, or a torn rotator cuff, they have a fascinating product called purified amniotic fluid. This fluid, obtained from afterbirth, possesses remarkable anti-inflammatory properties that have protected us for generations. Through third-party testing and adherence to FDA guidelines, they ensure its safety and purity before freezing it. When injected under ultrasound guidance into damaged joints, the micro-vesicles present in the fluid aid in tissue regeneration. While stem cell therapy may require a financial investment, it offers an alternative to invasive surgeries with uncertain outcomes.

Using cellular products derived from the umbilical cord, such as Wharton’s jelly, was previously common. However, it had a significant drawback – it caused inflammation, preventing individuals from returning to the field after treatment. Recently, amniotic fluid has emerged as a more viable option. It can be injected the day before a game, allowing athletes to play without causing inflammation. This has become a preferred method for many individuals, but it’s important to remember that not everyone responds the same way to treatments. Each person requires individualized care.

[43:58] The Keys to Longevity

The keys to longevity include regular exercise, healthy eating, nurturing relationships, and quality sleep. Additionally, incorporating regenerative biologics through infusions can make a significant impact. It’s important to prioritize happiness and find purpose in life, as lacking purpose can lead to anxiety and ultimately, depression. Taking care of your brain chemistry is crucial, and activities like movement and exercise can have a meditative effect. Finding balance and doing what you love are essential for a fulfilling and long life.

Resources Mentioned:

Center for Wellbeing

EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)

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