Flow Over Fear - Kuda Biza

From Entrepreneur to Purpose-Preneur: The Power of Creating Purpose-Driven Businesses with Kuda Biza

In this inspiring episode, Adam Hill sits down with serial entrepreneur and social impact leader Kuda Biza who shares his incredible story of arriving in the US from Zimbabwe with just $40 and building multiple successful businesses while dedicating himself to empowering underprivileged communities. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Becoming a purpose-preneur: building purpose-driven businesses
  • Examples of mission-based business models
  • Starting locally to address global issues
  • Tony Robbin’s involvement in Kudi’s business, Nunbelievable
  • The SPEAR Method
  • How to achieve balance in your life

Episode Highlights:

[12:27] The Power of Building Purpose-Driven Businesses

Since his early days in the window-cleaning business, Kuda Biza has recognized the importance of incorporating social causes into his entrepreneurial ventures. Whether it was providing scholarships for education through an apparel business or implementing a one-for-one model to feed the hungry with his cookie company, Nunbelievable, Kuda’s experiences have led him to embrace the role of a purpose-preneur. He believes that creating businesses with a greater purpose than profit is crucial, as it not only attracts top talent but also aligns with the values and desires of today’s workforce. The pandemic-induced Great Resignation has highlighted the shift towards meaningful work, making it essential for companies to become purpose-driven. Additionally, attracting capital has become easier as more funds allocate resources towards impact-based businesses. Investors now consider the positive impact their investments can make, emphasizing the significance of being a purpose-preneur in today’s world.

[22:01] Making a Difference: Starting Locally to Address Global Issues

Kuda highlights the importance of starting at a local level when addressing global challenges. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by staggering statistics, such as the 300 million children lacking education, Kuda emphasizes the significance of taking action where you are. By identifying and addressing the issues faced by your community, you can make a tangible difference. Charity begins at home, and as you resolve local challenges, you gain connections and insights that may eventually lead to solutions for larger global issues. It is crucial to approach change from both grassroots and global perspectives to create meaningful impact.

[30:49] The SPEAR Method

The SPEAR method is a framework developed by social entrepreneur Kuda to help people balance success and fulfillment. 

  • S – Seek Your Purpose: The first step is gaining clarity on your core purpose or reason for existing. Kuda emphasizes understanding your unique talents and passions.
  • P – Plan: Once you understand your purpose, it’s important to create a plan for how you will live it out. Just like a flight or business needs a plan, your life requires planning too.
  • E – Execute: Merely having a purpose and plan isn’t enough – you must take action and execute your plan. Consistent action is key to achieving goals.
  • A – Achieve: Here you track your progress and results to see where you are in relation to your goals. This provides feedback to refine your plan and execution.
  • R – Repeat: The process repeats as your purpose evolves over time. You revisit each step to continually progress towards your evolving dreams and potential.

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