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Feel Good Fatherhood and Personal Branding With Jay Twining

Parenthood is a crucial aspect of our lives, and that’s why we need to understand how we can better navigate this role as parents. 

In today’s episode, Adam sits down with Jay Twining, host of the “Feel Good Fatherhood” podcast. Jay’s podcast provides a platform for fathers to share their experiences, challenges, personal development values, and perspectives on fatherhood. Besides being a podcast host, Jay is a resident personal brand strategist at Brand Builders Group, where he helps high-achieving individuals build their personal brand through effective marketing strategies. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Overcoming fear in fatherhood and personal branding
  • The importance of framing fear positively
  • Overcoming your fears as a father
  • How to deal with your fears as a father
  • The two ways we experience fear and danger

Episode Highlights:

[02:22] Overcoming Fear: A Key to Success in Fatherhood and Personal Branding

Putting yourself out there is fundamental to achieving your goals and being recognized in the world, whether it’s building a personal brand or raising a family. The fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears people have, even more than the fear of getting eaten by a shark or getting burned alive. Ultimately, Twining suggests that shifting our focus from fear to flow can propel us toward success and deeper fulfillment in all aspects of life.

[12:41] Framing Fear Positively

They say that all of life is a journey, and each experience is like a stepping stone. It can be hard to look at a difficult situation with gratitude, but it’s important to reflect on how it has made us stronger. Acknowledging our growth and development enables us to recognize the lessons learned from the past and be thankful for them. We may not have been in control of the situation, but we can take control of how we choose to respond. We can look back upon our experience with an appreciation for what it has taught us and share it with others as an example of strength and resilience.

[15:23] Overcoming Your Fears as a Father

Everyone experiences fear and anxiety during the anticipation of fatherhood, but it’s important to remember that you are capable. Acknowledging your feelings is the first step towards taking control of how you choose to respond. Taking a moment to reflect on our experiences allows us to recognize the lessons we can learn from them and be thankful for what they have taught us. Don’t let imposter syndrome take over.  W – while there may never be a “right time,” or a “right amount of anything,” new fathers can draw confidence in the fact that humans have been having children for centuries, and we are all capable of providing for them.

[24:58] Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Father

Impostor syndrome can happen when you find yourself in a new situation and feel unsure about your abilities. It’s common to question whether you truly belong or if you have what it takes to succeed. The truth is, if it’s a new situation, it’s expected that you won’t know everything or have all the answers. You’ll likely have to figure things out as you go along, regardless of the amount of training you may have received. It’s important to recognize that feeling like an impostor is a common experience, especially when taking on new challenges. Remember to be kind to yourself, embrace the learning process, and keep pushing forward.

Resources Mentioned:

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