Justin Maina Flow Over Fear

Finding Conviction in Fear with Justin Maina

Join Adam Hill as he sits down with Justin Maina, an inspirational speaker and life coach dedicated to helping individuals overcome their fears. In this episode of the Flow Over Fear Podcast, Justin shares his personal mantra for dealing with fear, emphasizing the importance of taking action and embracing uncomfortable situations. He discusses the benefits of facing fears head-on, such as growth and success that comes from taking risks despite feeling scared or intimidated at first. Tune in to learn from Justin’s personal journey through fear and gain insights on how to empower yourself through difficult situations.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Justin’s mantra for dealing with fear 
  • How to connect with others for help
  • The ALL channel 
  • A personal journey through fear
  • Growth & success through facing fear
  • Empowerment through difficult situations
  • Taking baby steps to battle our worst fear
  • Adam’s morning routine and empowering beliefs 
  • The importance of finding your core values
  • The Fear Hunter Show

Episode Highlights:

[19:44] How to Battle Your Worst Fear

If you want to achieve certain goals in your life, you need to start taking small steps towards them. Surround yourself with people who are experienced in the areas you want to improve and be open with your fears and concerns. Talk to those who have achieved what you want to achieve and ask them about their mindset and approach. They may have valuable insights that can help you overcome any obstacles or challenges that may arise. Remember, those who are out there, day in and day out, have more experience dealing with risks and challenges than you do. Be willing to take small steps with them, even if it seems insignificant. This will help you move forward and achieve your goals in your personal or professional life.

[20:38] The Power of Love: Overcoming Fear

The goal is not to eliminate fear completely, but rather to have the freedom to pursue your desires. By doing so, you can set an example and inspire others to do the same. Think of this scenario – if you’re afraid of sharks and your child falls into the water, you wouldn’t hesitate to jump in and save them. Love has the power to conquer fear. It’s the same with any other goal you have in life. When it’s for someone else, you can let go of your fears and act without hesitation. But when it comes to yourself, limiting beliefs and self-doubt can hold you back. To overcome these obstacles, seek guidance from people who have a different mindset than you. Surround yourself with those who have achieved what you want to achieve. Listen to their advice, and trust in their expertise. Don’t be emotionally attached to your limiting beliefs, and don’t let fear hold you back from living the life you want. Remember, love is stronger than fear.

[40:24] Trusting in God’s Plan: Following Your Convictions

To ensure that things work out for you, stay in your lane and remain true to your convictions. Trust in God’s plan, and know that he works all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Align yourself with God, and let his love guide you. When you have faith in God’s plan for you, you can start following your intuition and go with the flow. Remember, success is not just about achieving personal goals – it’s about fulfilling your purpose in life. Trust that God has a plan for you and that he will guide you towards that mission. Stay committed to your beliefs, and let God’s love be your compass.

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