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Learning to Live Better Using Evolutionary Psychology With Tim Ash

Are you curious about human behavior and what really drives our decisions? In this episode, Adam Hill interviews bestselling author and expert on marketing and evolutionary psychology Tim Ash, who discusses key concepts from his book “Unleash Your Primal Brain.” Tim explains how irrational we truly are as human beings and how our emotions, not rational thought, drive most of our decisions. He delves into topics like sleep, decision-making, negativity bias, and tribal psychology. They discuss Ash’s background growing up in the Soviet Union and immigrating to the United States, as well as his career path from digital marketing to studying human behavior through an evolutionary lens.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Tim’s career background
  • Curiosity as an antidote to fear
  • About “Unleash Your Primal Brain”
  • Using evolutionary psychology to build positive tribes
  • The role of emotions in decision-making
  • The psychology of negative thinking and its impact on decision-making
  • Evolutionary psychology and its applications in marketing and personal growth

Episode Highlights:

[14:11] Curiosity as an Antidote to Fear

Tim recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Dov Baron’s podcast, “Curiosity Bites.” Dov shared his insight that curiosity serves as the foundation for all other values. Without it, one’s life can become stagnant and devoid of purpose. Curiosity propels us to actively seek growth, learning, and personal development, encouraging us to push past our fears and limitations to expand the boundaries of what we once believed possible. In fact, curiosity serves as an antidote for fear, presenting an alternative approach to dealing with it. Rather than simply pushing through or denying our fear, embracing curiosity allows us to focus on something that outweighs our fear, providing us with a powerful tool to navigate challenging situations.

[17:48] Unleashing Your Primal Brain: A Fun and Readable Journey into Evolutionary Psychology

  • In his book “Unleash Your Primal Brain,” Tim Ash skillfully delves into evolutionary psychology, presenting it in a captivating and concise manner. By condensing the essence of 30 books into one remarkable work, Ash explores the idea that all humans share a common operating system, tracing our thoughts and actions back to the entire arc of evolution. From primitive life forms to complex human traits like social nature and tribalism, the book covers a wide range of topics. Readers embark on a captivating journey exploring memory, learning, sleep, language, gender differences, and more, gaining insights into the deepest roots of our existence and the fascinating intricacies of what drives us.

[25:07] The Evolution of Human Tribal Bonds and the Primal Polarization Toolkit

  • Tim explains that as social beings, humans evolved to be strongly bonded to their tribes for survival. However, in modern society we belong to overlapping tribes. Ash shares the “primal polarization toolkit,” containing strategies like creating uncertainty, peer pressure, unanimity, and synchronized group activities that can be intentionally used to polarize groups, for better or worse. However, with awareness of these mechanisms, we can leverage them to foster bonding and cooperation. By recognizing how our brains evolved for tribalism, we can establish a sense of shared purpose, values and identity within workplaces, organizations, friend groups and beyond. This has implications for building loyalty, morale and productivity when applied ethically and for the benefit of all members. 

Resources Mentioned:

Unleash Your Primal Brain



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