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Leveraging Systems to Rise Above Your Fears With Ernesto Mandowsky

As entrepreneurs or business leaders, we constantly experience chaos and there’s a lot of fear that revolves around that. The first step is to accept the inevitability of chaos. The second step is to have systems in place to mitigate that chaos. 

In today’s conversation, Adam and Ernesto Mandowsky talk all about systems. Ernesto is the CEO of CPD Advisors, a company that helps entrepreneurs turn chaos into cash flow. Ernesto helps early-stage founders transform their operations by designing systems and utilizing his proprietary 6P system. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Definition of a system
  • Experiencing fear through a lack of system
  • Mastering the delivery of the service
  • The importance of delegation
  • The analogy of the bees and honey
  • Putting people in place to run the systems
  • The importance of constant feedback
  • The 6P system

Episode Highlights:

[03:59] What is a System

A system is a combination of three things: tools, people, and playbooks. They come together to create results or intended results.  A lack of a system can cause fear because people are going to be in a constant reactive mode. It doesn’t give you time to sit in silence or in flow, and just let the experience sink in. You’re playing catch-up all day, every day. And that creates even more chaos in your head. There will always be chaos, so the first step is accepting it.

[15:51] Mastering the Delivery of Your Service

Mastering the delivery of your service is the first system everyone should master. Once you do that, you’re turning your customers into your salespersons. You don’t have to invest in additional sales and advertising because you’ve mastered the delivery of that service.

[29:44] Putting People in Place to Run the Systems

It’s not the best use of time for visionaries to build systems because, by definition, the visionary is the one doing the vision. Hence, one of the biggest leadership qualities visionaries should have is the ability to let go and find someone to serve in that role.

[42:23] The 6P System

  1. Priorities – goal-setting and how you measure your progress
  2. People – the relationships you surround yourself with so you can execute and fulfill your goals
  3. Project management – this includes your daily checklist
  4. Promotion – marketing your content creation
  5. Playbooks – the step-by-step how-to for your business
  6. Planning – it includes your daily, weekly, monthly quarterly planning. It’s a routine to make sure you’re continuously realigning. 

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