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How to Live Passionately In the Present

Feeling stuck in the past or anxious about the future? Don’t let life pass you by. Live in the present and make each moment shine. In this episode, Adam Hill shares three simple things anyone can do to make every moment shine and live obsessively in the present. Through stories from his own life and lessons from his cello teacher, Adam illustrates how being fully present and making each moment count can help anyone rise above anxiety and fear.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The importance of living in the present
  • Making every moment shine
  • Three things to help you make each moment shine
  • How to practice gratitude
  • Leveraging the power of your breath
  • The 5% step

Episode Highlights:

[01:28] The Importance of Living in the Present

Anxiety, fear, depression, and negative thoughts often arise when we dwell on the past or future instead of focusing on the now. Living fully in the present allows us to rise above these difficult emotions and see the beauty that exists right now. It also helps us make the most of each day rather than wasting time worrying about what has happened or what is to come. Practicing gratitude, breathing exercises, and breaking big tasks into small steps can train our minds to stay present. Overall, living obsessively in the present helps us appreciate life as it unfolds and progress toward our goals one step at a time without anxiety or regret.

[06:48] Making Every Moment Shine

In the pursuit of mastery, it becomes clear that discipline and consistency are not the only elements needed to excel. Being fully present in each moment is the missing piece that allows for true greatness to emerge. Just like a note that must shine, every single moment in our lives deserves to radiate with its own brilliance. By intentionally living in the present, we can transform even the most challenging or painful moments into something beautiful. 

Taking inspiration from Adam’s experience with mastering the cello, he discovered that when he played each note as if it existed in its own infinite universe, the entire composition took on a new level of beauty. It was no longer just a technically well-played piece but a truly mesmerizing work of art. Similarly, we can apply this concept to our lives. But how do we make every single moment of our lives shine? It won’t be easy, as life presents us with difficult and sometimes tragic situations. There will be moments of fear, discomfort, and pain where we may long for them to end. However, through practice, consistency, and effort, we can learn to live in those moments and find their hidden beauty.

[10:53] Three Things to Make Each Moment Shine

The three main things Adam recommends to make each moment shine and live obsessively in the present are:

  1. Practice gratitude. Be thankful for at least three things each morning, and truly sit in the feeling of gratitude for 15-20 seconds at a time. Bring yourself back in the moment by actually feeling the gratitude, not just saying it.
  2. Use breathing exercises. Consciously count your breaths in and out through exercises like 4-second inhales and 7-8-second exhales to keep your mind focused on the present moment. Breathing works the body and relaxes the mind, helping to reduce anxiety or negative thoughts.
  3. Chunk big goals down into the smallest next action step. Focus on just the next tiny task you need to complete in the immediate future. The very next thing that you’re doing – whether it be taking one step on your run, or putting your foot into a shoe – is how you get into the present.

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