Tiffany Sauder Flow Over Fear

Overcoming Fear and Pursuing Your Dreams with Tiffany Sauder

Join me as I interview Tiffany Sauder today on Flow Over Fear. In this episode she shares her insights on finding strength in the face of challenges, overcoming fear and embracing your aspirations, and the power of intentional decision-making in shaping our destinies. 

Tiffany Sauder is a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, CEO, a board member, investor, and mentor. 17 years ago, she founded the marketing agency, Element Three. Since then, she and her husband have been building their companies and their family on the exact same timeline. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Tiffany’s background
  • Confronting breakdowns and finding the courage
  • Starving or Feeding: Choosing wisely in the game of life
  • Choosing dreams over fear
  • Overcoming fear with self-control
  • Changing your narrative to conquer fear
  • The power of accountability
  • How to create a sustainable life
  • What it means to say yes to everything
  • The power of discipline

Episode Highlights:

[07:06] Confronting Breakdowns and Finding Courage

In the face of life’s challenges, people often seek quick fixes to mend their broken situations. However, it is vital to acknowledge the reality and accept that things are falling apart. Relationships, businesses, and friendships can experience breakdowns that require introspection. Recognizing this requires courage and vulnerability, admitting that things are breaking. By acknowledging these cracks, two paths open up: letting the situation fade or summoning the bravery to explore uncharted territory. Though fear of the unknown may arise when considering unconventional options, it is within these moments of uncertainty that true growth and transformation occur. 

[13:28] Starving or Feeding: Choosing Wisely in the Game of Life

In the complex tapestry of our lives, there exists an ever-growing list of things that are starving for our attention. As discerning adults, it is crucial that we consciously decide which items to place on this list, ensuring they are the ones we truly wish to remove from our existence. Otherwise, we unknowingly engage in a precarious game of unintentional nourishment, feeding aspects that we mistakenly believe do not define us. Yet, the truth is that by constantly nurturing these very elements, we reinforce their significance in shaping who we are. It is time to take control and carefully select what we feed, ensuring that it aligns with our authentic selves and leads us closer to a life of fulfillment and purpose.

[18:59] Choosing Dreams Over Fear

The thoughts that linger in your mind, those you avoid and navigate decisions around, are nothing but illusions. Fear and dreams stand before you, demanding a choice – will you allow fear or your aspirations to determine the course of your life? Personally, I feel invigorated when anger ignites within me. It fuels my determination, leaving no room for fear to dictate my path. I refuse to let fear steer the outcomes in my life. Just as I wouldn’t parent my children or coach my leaders with such a mindset, nor would I follow someone who makes decisions driven by fear. So, let’s rise above the chaos and embrace our dreams, defying fear’s grip on our journey. Together, we can conquer anything.

[22:09] Changing Your Narrative to Conquer Fear

Tiffany’s journey is fueled by her deep desire to make a positive impact and empower others. Despite fear’s attempts to undermine her, she confronts it with her dedication to uplifting those around her. Tiffany understands the importance of stepping outside her comfort zone and embracing discomfort in order to serve others. This shift in mindset replaces fear’s negative narrative, making her more resilient in overcoming its grip. Taking agency over her emotions and actions, along with replacing fear with love and discipline, has been key to her progress. Tiffany finds solace in reframing her fearful thoughts, affirming her commitment to others. By reminding herself that she is “desperately for others,” she reaffirms her purpose and overcomes doubt. 

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