Kirk Wayman Flow Over Fear

Learn to Dance With Fear, With Kirk Wayman

The things we fear the most are the things we want the most. Do you agree? In life, fear is inevitable. Therefore, it’s something we should not eliminate, but something we should accept and dance with. In today’s episode, Kirk Wayman joins us to talk about how to conquer your fears, navigate them, and dance with them!

Kirk Wayman is the founder and principal coach of Ikon Coaching, where he creates environments that allow leaders to become the version of themselves that delivers extraordinary value. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The dragon story and how it represents fear
  • The boundary between confidence and courage
  • How to conquer your fears
  • What dancing with fear looks like
  • What it means to be simple
  • Kirk’s story of how he danced with his fears
  • The value of being in a community
  • How we are all on this hero’s journey

Episode Highlights:

[08:38] The Boundary Between Confidence and Courage

There’s a boundary between confidence and courage – it’s the line of fear. When we cross from our known world into our unknown world, we feel fear. We all feel that sense of foreboding or nervousness and worry. But fear is there to remind us that we are no longer in the land of the known and we’ve entered the unknown. We haven’t done it before. But that’s okay. It scares us, and so, we will make that switch or possibly decide if a switch is worth making. A dragon is a mythological creature that represents fear. Fear is not fatal. It has a pu. It’s to remind us it’s time to switch to courage. 

[11:30] The Known vs. The Unknown

There’s a desperate linkage that we can’t undo between the things that scare us the most and the things we want the most. The things we want the most are scary. It’s a measure of meaning and purpose in life. And we want meaning and purpose more than anything else. So the goal is to switch from confidence in the known to the courage that it takes to be out in the “sort of” known by learning how to dance with our fears.

[17:21] Dancing With Your Fears

To dance with fear is to get to a spot where we’re no longer seeking to be fearless. We’re not trying to kill fear, eliminate fear, or use fear as a metric for whether we’re doing the right or wrong thing. Instead, expect fear and each experience is a compass we can use to navigate fear. 

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