Stephen Scoggins Flow Over Fear

From Homeless to Nine Figure Entrepreneur with Stephen Scoggins

Discover the power of mindset and unleash your optimism to achieve your goals! In today’s episode, Adam Hill interviews serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Stephen Scoggins about overcoming challenges and building a successful business. Stephen shares his story of going from homelessness to becoming a nine-figure entrepreneur, and how he rose above fear and adversity by developing a growth mindset. Stephen also provides advice on cultivating optimism, embracing failure, and surrounding yourself with mentors and communities that support your goals. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The power of resilience and authenticity
  • Breaking the deception that we’re struggling alone 
  • 3 steps to becoming the new you
  • Actions always follow beliefs
  • Transforming fear into growth and choosing faith over fear
  • Unleashing optimism and cultivating a mindset of possibility
  • Making failure your friend
  • Opening yourself to the possibility of a new future

Episode Highlights:

[08:51] Becoming the New You: Embracing Your Aspirational Identity

The quickest way to connect with those who can truly add value to your life and join you on your journey is by focusing on your aspirational identity rather than your current reality. By shifting your focus to who you aspire to be, you create an emotional attachment to this vision of yourself. This emotional congruency aligns your actions and mindset with your desired identity, propelling you toward becoming the person you envision. Personal and professional development is a deeply personal journey, and instead of seeking validation from others, the key is to embody your aspirations first. By embracing the new you, others will naturally gravitate towards your transformation.

[10:17] 3 Steps to Becoming the New You: Embracing Your Aspirational Identity

  1. Develop a routine – Stephen stresses the importance of having a daily routine, such as waking up at the same time each day to dedicate time for personal development. 
  2. Say your mantras every morning – Mantras are a key practice for programming your mind with positive affirmations of your aspirational identity. Saying mantras each morning to override negative self-talk. 
  3. Practice – Incorporate acts of practice each day to embody the qualities of who you want to be. 

[14:13] Actions Always Follow Beliefs 

You’re not going to take an action that you don’t believe benefits you. They say that focus creates belief, belief creates action, and action creates results. If you’re used to going the opposite way where your results are breeding your beliefs and your actions, you’re never going to get out of your own way. However, if you focus on the future you rather than the current you, your beliefs will follow it with action. You will then begin to take actions that re-incentivize the person you’re trying to become rather than the person that you are. 

[21:13] Unleashing Optimism: Cultivating a Mindset of Possibility

It’s common for us to be optimistic when it comes to others, yet struggle with pessimism when it pertains to ourselves. Believing that something is possible for someone else seems easier than believing it’s achievable for us. However, we can change this mindset over time through intentional cultivation. By repeatedly affirming positive statements like “I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise,” we begin to reprogram our thinking. At first, it may feel strange or even silly, but with consistent practice, it becomes ingrained in our being. This shift has a compounding effect, gradually transforming our lives. Before we know it, within a year, we find ourselves living the very life we once only dreamed of.

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