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Get Out of Your Own Way With Aaron Velky

Everyone’s relationship with money is personal. Whether you have a bad relationship with debt or you have a serious spending problem, or you’re scared of investing, we all have our own dynamics when it comes to personal finance. Often the common denominator of feeling stuck with any goal, is that we get in our own way.

In today’s episode, Adam speaks with Aaron Velky, all about personal finance, creating systems, playing to win vs. playing to keep playing, and the huge role awareness plays in transformation. Aaron is a keynote speaker, CEO, and coach. His career has been dedicated to building movements and helping companies and leaders get out of their own way. Aaron is the CEO of Money Club, an economic empowerment and financial wellness organization that blends personal finance with personal development. He is also the author of Let Her Play, a guide for sports coaches and parents that coach female athletes outside of the professional sphere. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The power of systems
  • Overcoming the feeling of being not enough
  • The relationship between hard work and the outcome
  • Playing to keep playing vs. playing to win
  • Learning to be responsive vs. reactive
  • Why parents should be mindful of car conversations with their kids
  • How personal finance is different for everybody
  • Building a great relationship with money
  • All transformation starts from awareness and curiosity.

Episode Highlights:

[05:15] The Power of Systems

Whatever your lane is, systems can help you stay in your lane. There are some deficiencies that we might have to grow and nurture, and at the same time double-down on what you’re best at. Systems can be people. It can be a person that takes on your responsibilities or a niche of your business. A system could be an automated software or an online tool to help you go from Point A to Point B much faster and more efficiently. Having a system in place gets you into a flow state.

[10:24] Overcoming the Mindset of Being Not Enough

Many entrepreneurs deal with impostor syndrome, thinking they’re not enough. This kind of messed up thinking can be brought on by parents, school, sports, or any life event or trauma. But you have to get to the bottom of it to realize how much you’re capable of and how much you’re worthy and then the magic starts to happen.

[19:25] The Relationship Between Hard Work and Outcome

Many of the things we want require deep commitment. However, many of us, too, are afraid of commitment. We look for a measurable outcome, set this goal, and then we hit it. And at a certain point, you either run out of goals that feel exciting, or you’re just numb to it all. Or you realize that the way that you’re living and the way that you’re going about your day-to-day is wildly dissatisfactory. And that’s because the attachment to win is like a dopamine strike. If you run out of wins and goals, you’re going to run out of happiness. We see this all the time in high performers. And so, play a game that you love so much that you don’t care about the outcome and you just love to keep playing.

[38:24] On Personal Finance

If you give someone financial intelligence, it changes not only the person, but also the family, the community, and the business. Your relationship with money is a very personal process. If you’re going to change your relationship with money, first know where you are, and what got you there. Until you are moderately aware, it’s hard to change.

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