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Embracing Adversity and the Power of Infinite Transformation With Joanna Lohman

As human beings, we possess a remarkable superpower: infinite transformation. But what does it take to unleash this power and undergo meaningful change? The catalyst for transformation lies in adversity and discomfort. We cannot grow and evolve when we remain comfortable – true change only happens when we challenge the status quo. In this way, discomfort becomes an essential tool for personal growth and transformation.

In today’s episode, Adam speaks with Joanna Lohman, a keynote speaker and performance coach as they take a deep dive into overcoming adversity, the MOLT process, and how to live more authentically.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Our superpower as humans: infinite transformation
  • The idea of molting
  • Adversity as an opportunity for growth
  • The MOLT process: transforming pain into growth
  • Success is determined by our evolution and our conclusion
  • How to live more authentically
  • How parents can help their kids more authentically
  • With a high enough purpose, you can get through any pain
  • Using pain as a catalyst to get to the highest level
  • Getting into the flow state

Episode Highlights:

[06:51] Our Superpower as Human Beings

It’s truly beautiful how your approach to adversity has evolved over your lifetime. You are now digging deep into this passion of yours, and it’s inspiring to witness. As a human being, you possess the superpower of infinite transformation. Adversity and discomfort serve as catalysts for this growth. It’s important to remember that change doesn’t come when you’re comfortable – it only occurs when you challenge the norm. So let me share with you a revolutionary concept that embodies this idea: molting.

[09:37] How Adversity Can Be an Opportunity for Growth

Adversity can serve as an opportunity for personal growth. Despite facing rejection and pain, we can view the broken pieces of ourselves as a chance to reclaim the parts that align with our higher purpose. However, this process may still be painful, even though it serves a greater good. We also have the chance to shed the pieces of ourselves that no longer serve us, such as societal beauty standards or limiting beliefs. Adversity can allow us to shed our old skin and grow into a newer version of ourselves. Adversity is the catalyst for our success. 

[15:00] The MOLT Process: Transforming Pain into Growth

In the journey of personal growth, the MOLT process embodies four stages: mindfulness, outburst, let go let grow, and transformation.

Mindfulness – We cannot change unless we recognize that change is possible. This phase involves acknowledging different facets of ourselves before we can embrace them. For example, for me, the realization that I could exist as a gay woman was the first piece of the puzzle.

Outburst – This stimulates the shedding of our old skin. It’s a pivotal moment that shapes our transformation. For me, it was the experience of being with a woman for the first time. With this new life comes potential isolation and pain, but also the opportunity for growth.

Let go, let grow – This phase requires us to mourn the death of who we thought we were going to be and to let go of our old selves. It’s a difficult process that may involve losing friends and family members who don’t accept the real version of us. But through this painful phase comes growth.

Transformation – We begin to live as a bigger, better version of ourselves, redefining our values and living with a more focused existence towards those values. Through this process, we molt into newer versions of ourselves and take another step toward authenticity.

Authenticity isn’t a destination that we reach one day – it’s an ongoing orientation that we show up with every day. The molting process allows us to transform pain into growth, and to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

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