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How to Make Work Fun with Dr. Christie McMullen

Who says work can’t be fun? Learn how to make work safe, logical, fun, and memorable as Dr. Christie McMullen, author of Learning Can Stick, shares her wealth of knowledge and experience. With 24 years of experience as an educator, Christie ventured into entrepreneurship to help people make work fun. She has worked with thousands of adults in multiple industries and organizations to improve human interactions. As a coach, networking specialist, and keynote speaker, Christie can help any human overcome mediocrity, experience extraordinary interactions with others, and help you AIM –  Analyze your current interactions, Improve on those interactions, and Move toward extraordinary relationships.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • How to be memorable and stay memorable
  • Adopting a bias towards action
  • Work and fun can go together.
  • Why you need to be your authentic self
  • What safety in the workplace means
  • Ways to make work safe, logical, fun, and memorable

Episode Highlights:

[19:10] Adopting a Bias Towards Action

Bias towards action can get you in trouble if you are not thoughtful with why you’re acting. And so, if you find yourself in difficult situations, take a breath. It’s okay to not send off that email. It’s okay to wait until morning. A lot of fear comes from inaction. And so, it’s that thoughtful bias towards action that helps us discern what’s right. 

[25:05] Work and Fund Can Go Together

We forget that work and fun can go together. And the only time the neurons in our brain even fire is when there’s emotion evoked in what we’re doing. If at work, there’s no emotion involved, then you’re not serving your best self. If you’re constantly trying to be somebody, you only end up exhausted, and you can’t be your best self. You’re spending so much brain power trying to be that other person that you’re too tired to be your best at anything.

[27:25] Ways to Make Work More Safe, Logical, Fun, and Memorable

Safe – making sure that we’re giving the space for somebody to be authentic.

Logical – having a plan, sticking to the plan, and making sure people have a chance to process the information. 

Fun – evoking emotion, such as bringing laughter (ex.industry-specific joke) as an opportunity for people to connect and talk to each other in a virtual or physical space. 

Memorable – making sure people walk away with something.

Resources Mentioned: 

Learning Can Stick: A Guide To Make Every Learning Experience Safe, Logical, Fun, and Memorable

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