Jessica Battle Flow Over Fear

She Overcame Disordered Eating and Became a Successful Business Owner

Are you struggling with your relationship with food or body image? Do you want to learn how to build a successful business helping others?

Today, Adam sits down with motivational speaker and coach Jessica Battle, who shares her incredible story of overcoming disordered eating, losing over 100 pounds twice, and building a thriving online business. This episode is full of inspiration and practical tips for anyone dealing with issues around food, body image, or wanting to start their own coaching business. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Overcoming her struggle with disordered eating
  • Society’s influence on body image
  • How her coaching business was born
  • What a healthy relationship with food looks like
  • Embracing whole body wellness for a happier life
  • Bringing in trust and intentionality in what you’re eating

Episode Highlights:

[04:11] Breaking Free: Jessica’s Journey to Healing Her Relationship with Food

  • Jessica struggled with food from a young age, using it as comfort after her father’s departure. Bullied in school due to her weight, she reached almost 300 pounds by her teens and attempted her first diet at 19, losing 100 pounds but regaining it soon after. This led to a cycle of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating. It wasn’t until preparing for her wedding that Jessica found the motivation to address the root causes of her troubled relationship with food, shifting her focus to true healing beyond dieting and body image concerns.

[12:13] Unraveling Society’s Influence on Body Image

From a young age, we are born loving ourselves and seeing our own beauty. However, as we grow up, the world starts to tell us otherwise. Whether it’s being called fat by siblings, enduring bullying at school, or facing societal pressures through media and relationships, the message becomes clear: being overweight is wrong or bad. Coupled with insecurities stemming from personal relationships, society’s influence leads us to believe that we are inherently flawed when we carry extra weight. Although progress is being made in challenging these standards, the impact of these messages continues to shape our self-perception.

[29:22] What a Healthy Relationship with Food Looks Like

A healthy relationship with food goes beyond the notion of food consuming our thoughts and self-worth, but rather perceiving it as nourishment. It entails enjoying meals without obsessing over their impact on our bodies and embracing intuitive eating by heeding our internal hunger and fullness cues instead of adhering to rigid dieting rules. Trusting ourselves to make intuitive choices from a wide range of foods, free from guilt, becomes paramount. Moreover, it involves viewing all foods as fuel for our bodies, and avoiding the labeling of “good” or “bad.” Honoring our bodies through nutrition, movement, and self-care is essential, not solely driven by weight loss endeavors.

[39:37] 3 Tips to Stop Your Struggling Relationship with Food

Here are 3 tips Jessica provides for moving beyond a struggle with food:

  1. Stop dieting. Make a commitment to healing the relationship with food through mindfulness instead of restriction.
  2. Start accepting your body as it is. Appreciate what it can do and look at others with similar bodies for inspiration.
  3. Let go of perfectionism. See every day as a new opportunity to make choices aligned with your goals, even if mistakes happen along the way. Focus on self-awareness and intention over rigid rules.

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