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Overcome Fear and Supercharge Your Life With Jamie Gruber

We all have fears. But you have to look at fear not as something that will cripple you, but as an opportunity to achieve success. In today’s episode, Jamie Gruber joins the conversation as he shares valuable insights into the hierarchy of fear and the 3 C’s of overcoming your fears. Jamie is the man behind the lifestyle brand Emerge Supercharged, which has produced over 40 millionaires. He is also the host of the Tribe of Millionaires podcast and a partner at Quantum Capital, a value-add multifamily investment firm with $200 million in assets under management.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The battle of authenticity versus ego
  • As your identity shifts, the result lags
  • How to overcome your fears
  • How to add value to your community
  • The three layers of fears we need to overcome 
  • The concept of passion pairing

Episode Highlights:

[14:10] The 3 C’s of Overcoming Your Fears

  1. Clarity – You’ve got to know where you’re going. You have to have a very clear and compelling vision that just speaks to you that’s right out of your authenticity.
  2. Confidence – Build confidence in who you’re becoming. This is the identity shift piece. You have to have the identity – of who you’re trying to become – in place now. Once you’re locked in, then all the pieces and systems out there will conspire to drive you in that direction. 
  3. Community – Getting around the right people who represent who you are becoming is huge. If you want to be like the 99% that want to keep their job, then don’t invest in yourself. But if you want to be the 1% of people who choose to leave, you’ve got to invest in your community.

[23:55] How You Can Add Value to Your Community

Focus on how you can add value and that’s how you’re going to get value. Don’t join a mastermind with the mindset of expecting something in return. Value doesn’t only refer to financial value either. Whether that’s connecting people or becoming a resource of information, don’t worry about what you’re getting, just worry about what you’re giving. Engagement is super important as well. It means contributing in a way that you can best give. If you’re not engaging in that community, then you’re not going to get anything out of it. 

[27:32] The Three Layers of Fear

People fear uncertainty more than they value happiness. What’s underlying that is a fear of failure. But failure is part of the formula for success. It’s inevitable and necessary. Without it, you cannot have success. Finally, the fear that underlies all of it is the fear of judgment. Get past this idea that other people are thinking about you when they’re not. Once you get past your fear of judgment, your other fears become much less crippling.

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