Relationships… For Introverts!

Have you ever felt like introversion was your Kryptonite? Or have you ever used the excuse “I am an introvert” to avoid social situations at all costs? Well, you’re not alone!… as much as you may like to be…

In this week’s episode of Flow Over Fear: Three Things, we dive headfirst into the wild, wonderful, and often misunderstood world of introversion. The realm where parties are more tiring than a marathon (can confirm) and small talk is… well… let’s just say we’d rather swim with sharks.

But what if I told you that creating meaningful relationships is an introvert superpower?


Here’s the thing. The very reasons we may loathe social situations, are the very reasons that we are filled up in very specific situations. It’s not that we hate being social, we’re just choosy. And for good reason. We tend to feel the room. We tend to get the energy sucked out of us in the wrong circumstances…

But in those situations where we are with “our people”, our energy is filled. And the relationships we have with those select few people? They are incredibly meaningful. We need to be conscious of this so that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If we can recognize that we are not socially averse, rather we are socially selective, we can begin to build the right relationships.

Being in the right types of relationships puts us in the right rooms (the environment) that also fill us up. And when we amplify those relationships with experiences (trips, events, adventures… oh my!), we live an abundant life.

The meaning of life is about the relationships we build. Don’t deny yourself that.

I get it. The introvert life sometimes feels like you’re stuck on the wrong end of a superhero story. But remember, even the greatest superheroes are introverts. I mean, who else would create a Fortress of Solitude or hang out in a cave filled with bats all day?

Introverts and superheroes, that’s who.

So without further ado, here are the three introvert superpowers I share in this episode of Flow Over Fear that can help you build better relationships.

  1. Our relationships are deeper more meaningful
  2. We are keyed into the environments that give us energy
  3. We have higher quality experiences with those we love

So, are you ready to ditch that Kryptonite and unlock your Introvert Superpowers? Catch this week’s episode of Flow Over Fear!

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