Flow Over Fear: Overcoming Uncertainty

Find Conviction in the Face of Uncertainty

In this episode of the Flow Over Fear podcast, Adam Hill shares powerful tools for overcoming the uncertainty that holds us back. He discusses clarifying your core values and living according to them each day in order to rise above fears of the unknown future. Listeners will gain insights for bringing more meaning and certainty into the present moment.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Finding faith amidst the uncertainty
  • Identify core values through a “deathbed exercise” 
  • Conviction: The bridge between present reality and future aspirations
  • Rising above uncertainty through the ABC dream

Episode Highlights:

[04:13] Embracing the Inevitable Uncertainty of Life

In the ever-evolving world we inhabit, uncertainty is an inescapable constant. The unpredictability of the future means we can never be entirely sure of what will occur in the next five minutes. For instance, while you’re listening to this episode, something as unforeseen as the roof of my studio collapsing could occur, turning an ordinary moment into a historical event. However unsettling, it’s essential to accept that we cannot predict or control everything. This uncertainty about future events is a natural part of life and it’s perfectly okay to feel its presence.

[06:03] Finding Faith Amidst the Uncertainty

Uncertainty leaves aspects of our lives unknown and open, which gives us the chance to have faith. As Adam explains, faith cannot exist without some degree of uncertainty. In facing the unknown, faith provides the fuel we need to have hope even when we don’t have all the answers or evidence of what is to come. However, many people struggle to find faith amidst uncertainty, instead feeling afraid or like prisoners to what is out of their control. But according to Adam, having faith even when uncertain allows us to pursue our goals and dreams with conviction. It gives us the power to keep moving forward despite not knowing every detail of the path ahead.

[12:50] Conviction: The Bridge Between Present Reality and Future Aspirations

While visualizing our future selves is an empowering exercise, it’s crucial not to overlook the importance of embodying our core values in the present moment. If we fantasize about a future version of ourselves without living as that person in our current reality, we risk feeling frustrated if we believe we can’t achieve our goals. The key to bridging this gap between who we are now and who we want to become lies in conviction. Having a firm belief in our ability to transform allows us to progress towards our aspirations without losing sight of our present selves.

[14:30] Rising Above Uncertainty Through the ABC Dream

The ABC Dream is finding that one dream or goal that (1) Aligns with who you are (your values), that you feel (2) Brave enough to take on, and have (3) Clarity and certainty that it’s the right path for you. Pursuing the ABC Dream is what can bring fulfillment in the present moment and help overcome fears about the unknown future.

[17:01] Identifying Your Core Values Through the “Deathbed Exercise”

Adam introduces an impactful exercise called the “Deathbed Exercise” where your visualize yourself on their deathbed, surrounded by family. Imagine being asked what you appreciate most when looking back on your life. This forces you to reflect on what really mattered – what accomplishments, relationships, or impacts you would want to be remembered for. The goal is to gain clarity on your core values so you can pursue a life aligned with what truly fills you up. 

Resources Mentioned:

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