Flow Over Fear: Failure Fuels Future Growth

How Failure Can Be a Stepping Stone to Success with Jeremy Delk

On this episode of the Flow Over Fear podcast, Adam Hill sits down with serial entrepreneur Jeremy Delk to discuss his journey of overcoming challenges through failure. 

From losing everything as a young day trader to building a successful venture capital firm, Jeremy shares powerful lessons on embracing vulnerability, managing mindset over money, and allowing failures to fuel future growth.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Failure is the pathway to success
  • Comfort is  a prescription for complacency
  • The path to prosperity: focus, amplify, and diversify
  • The cash-starved mentality
  • The importance of setting boundaries
  • Our perspective defines our path

Episode Highlights:

[03:43] How upbringing and self-interest impact our perspectives

Many of us are raised to think failure is bad. So we avoid it at all costs and focus outwardly on how others perceive us. However, most people are preoccupied with themselves and their own concerns.

[05:31] Failure is the pathway to success

Big breakthroughs and successes often follow major failures because that is when we learn the most and are most driven to prove ourselves.

[11:25] Get out of your own head

We construct emotional walls within ourselves as blockers due to fear, which is usually unfounded and based on our imagined concerns about what others may think rather than reality.

[22:00] The path to prosperity: focus, amplify, and diversify

While investments like crypto may seem get-rich-quick, true wealth is built through laser-focused effort in a niche. Achieve outsized gains, then diversify those profits more broadly once established.

[30:03] The cash-starved mentality

Operating with a “cash-starved mentality” forces entrepreneurs to be resourceful with limited funds, make prudent financial decisions, and focus on creativity and strategy over lavish spending.

[37:17] Set boundaries without cutting ties

While it’s not necessary to cut people out of your life entirely, it is important to set boundaries by limiting exposure to toxic attitudes and negative energy that can drag you down. 

[40:40] Our perspective defines our path

In life, there are only events that happen. It’s the emotions and the actions that we attach to those events that determine if they were a positive or a negative thing.

Resources Mentioned:


Without a Plan: A Memoir of Unbound Action and Failing My Way to Success

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