Flow Over Fear: Let Your Dreams Be Free

Let Your Dreams Be Free

Inspired by the words of her daughter, Kiesha Garrison took a leap from the tech industry into stand-up comedy, public speaking, and entrepreneurship – a terrifying thrill ride. Though shaking with nerves on stage, she found the laughs fueled a passion she couldn’t deny.

Now, through “Hey, Black Seattle!”, Kiesha is building community and guiding people to empowering resources. Tune in as Kiesha shares how rising above fear allowed her to inspire others to realize their fullest potential.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Facing discomfort in career transition
  • Finding direction through curiosity
  • Kiesha’s YOU Better! Platform
  • Escaping the inner cage of outer expectations
  • Empowering individuals through self-reflection
  • Connecting communities with Hey, Black Seattle!

Episode Highlights:

[05:17] Facing discomfort in career transition

The process of career transition often brings feelings of discomfort and uncertainty. Learn to  sit with those feelings and understand what you truly need rather than trying to eliminate discomfort.

[07:33] Finding direction through curiosity

When faced with discomfort and wanting to change paths, her biggest question was “Who do I want to matter to?”. Asking herself this helped drive where she applied her skills and talents.

[15:15] Finding what sparks joy in your life

A quote from poet Alok that asks “What part of yourself did you have to destroy in order to survive in this world?” Sitting with this question allows for deep inner reflection. Maybe you wanted to be a painter but due to reasons like fears, obligations, or guilt, it set you on a different path away from your passion and joy. 

[22:18] Escaping the inner cage of outer expectations

If you continue living to please or convince those closest to you who haven’t supported your authentic self, you’re keeping yourself caged from fully embracing who you are meant to be.

[23:39] Find freedom through community

If you’re unhappy, ask yourself what brings you joy and seek out others engaged in that same passion. Experiencing it together will boost your confidence to fully embrace your happiness.

[27:53] Let your dreams be free

Kiesha’s daughter’s simple yet powerful encouragement of “let your dreams be free!” sparked Kiesha to start pursuing her bucket list dreams without hesitation.

[36:11] Two ways to challenge self-doubt

First, stop over estimating everyone around you. Stop undervaluing the work you need to do to rise to the occasion you want to rise to. 

Resources Mentioned:

YOU Better! Podcast

Hey, Black Seattle! 

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