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Lead With Love: Finding God In the Midst of Fear

Ever faced fear and questioned your faith? You’re not alone. Overcoming fear isn’t easy, but it’s possible. In this episode, Adam shares his deeply personal journey of overcoming fear, anxiety, and addiction through faith. In a raw and vulnerable discussion, Adam shares his journey from wrestling with why God allowed suffering, to finding God in a jail cell after hitting rock bottom. He explains how developing a relationship with a higher power was integral to his healing process, and provides insightful perspectives on how having free will allows for spiritual growth, even amid hardship. 

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Embracing the concept of a loving higher power
  • The power of love
  • Finding redemption through divine intervention
  • Finding hope and grace through a relationship with God

Episode Highlights:

[03:24] The Power of Love: A Central Theme in Religious Teachings

  • Religious teachings, despite their varied narratives and depictions of violence, consistently convey a central message—love. This four-letter word, simple yet challenging, is what we are called to embody, even when faced with anger and misunderstanding. Instances like these offer opportunities to lean into love, transforming fear, another four-letter word frequently discussed, into a positive catalyst. The Bible, amidst its tales of horror, emphasizes Jesus Christ’s greatest commandment: to love God and one another. If we distill religious texts to their core, they encourage us to lead with love – a task humanity has struggled with for millennia, but one that holds the key to overcoming fear.

[09:28] From Despair to Redemption Through Divine Intervention

  • In the midst of human suffering, death, and challenges, people often question the existence of a loving God. Adam too grappled with these questions and, frankly, he still doesn’t have all the answers. However, during his lowest point, while in a jail cell after committing an act that horrified him, Adam found solace in the divine. He felt God’s presence, not physically, but spiritually. This didn’t erase his shame or pain, nor did it justify his actions, but it marked a turning point. Even though part of him wanted to end his life, Adam saw an invitation from God to heal instead. Despite the hardships, Adam chose to accept this invitation, showing that even in our darkest moments, we can find a path towards healing and redemption.

[15:11] Discovering a Higher Power

Adam says that while he found his higher power, or God, life didn’t necessarily become easier, but it got better. This change was a result of his willingness to work on building a relationship with God. Finding God, devoid of conflict and ego, is no simple task. For those wrestling with belief, particularly if you’re agnostic or questioning, consider this perspective: Is it plausible that you are the most powerful entity in the universe? Surely, something more potent exists. Recognizing this can be a stepping stone towards acknowledging a higher power.

[17:16] Rising Above Fear: A Testament to Hope and Love

There is always hope beyond your feelings of hopelessness, and you are a living testament to that. Many individuals around the world stand as evidence of this truth. Despite the tragedies unfolding in the world at this very moment, there’s potential for overcoming them since they stem from fear. You possess the power to rise above fear by leaning into love, leading with love – the kind of love that true followers of God represent. These true followers don’t merely adhere to doctrines and dogmas, but embody God’s real message distilled into one four-letter word: love.

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