Flow Over Fear: Start With 1%

Starting With One With Jen Bee

Ready to get unstuck in life? In this episode, Adam Hill sits down with life coach Jen Bee who shares how she overcame adversity through small, consistent actions. Learn how changing your identity with habits can lead to lasting success. 

Hear Jen’s powerful story of taking the leap from corporate to coaching, and discover the Five Pillars of Growth framework for sustainable wellness in body, mind and spirit. Tune in now for practical tools to make positive changes in your life.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Overcoming childhood struggles with identity and belonging 
  • It’s not about perfection, but about showing up
  • Changing your identity through habits 
  • Starting with 1%
  • Comparison is the thief of all joy
  • The athlete mentality
  • Jen’s five-pillar framework for sustainable progress

Episode Highlights:

[03:46] The impact of her father’s imprisonment on her life

Jen’s journey began with her father incarcerated for 12 years in Cuba for opposing Fidel Castro, shaping her early life as the daughter of immigrants and a political prisoner with feelings of not fitting in.

[22:01] It’s not about perfection – but about showing up

Personal growth is not about perfection but rather about showing up through small, consistent actions over time.

[25:00] Start with 1%

Jen advocates starting with 1% to achieve growth, emphasizing small incremental steps can lead to big results over waiting for perfection.

[28:48] It starts with your why

Change starts internally with understanding your “why”and not by immediately taking external actions, as meaningful and sustainable change comes from within.

[33:58] Get unstuck from unsustainable cycles

People often get stuck in unsustainable cycles chasing after comparisons in areas like money, fame, social media likes or weight, rather than focusing on redefining success in a holistic, sustainable way.

[34:53] Adopt the athlete mentality

Taking on an “athlete mentality” can help you achieve wellness through habits matching who you want to be, focusing more on consistency than fleeting results.

[42:57] Jen’s five-pillar framework for sustainable progress

  • Mental wellness: Focuses on being your own best friend through positive self-talk.
  • Emotional wellness: Addressing baggage from past experiences through vulnerability and storytelling. 
  • Physical wellness: Prioritizing health and relationships over numbers, spending quality time with loved ones.
  • Spiritual wellness: Cultivating inner peace and making room for quiet reflection.
  • Financial wellness: Achieving financial health and stability as something everyone deserves.

Resources Mentioned:


Atomic Habits by James Clear

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