Flow Over Fear: Relationship Goals

Superpower Your Relationships Through Connection

Tired of the same old conversations and feeling disconnected from your partner? 

In this episode, Adam Hill shares his firshand experience of how implementing a simple framework completely transformed his marriage of 25+ years. 

Learn how regular “Level 10” meetings (adapted from the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS), annual visioning sessions, and a focus on open communication can help build unbreakable trust, intimacy and togetherness that will stand the test of time.

A few small changes can make a huge difference in your relationship!

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • The importance of shared reflection and regular check-ins
  • Running a family is like running a business
  • Weekly Level 10 meetings
  • Two ways of unproductive communication in relationships
  • The balance between fake harmony and open criticism

Episode Highlights:

[05:22] The power of weekly relationship check-ins

By dedicating time each week to share what happened, identify concerns, and work together towards resolutions, Adam and his wife significantly enhanced the quality of their relationship.

[06:32] Running a family is like running a business

You’re not just in a relationship with your spouse or partner, you also have to manage finances or human resources (ex. raising kids) just like running a business. 

[08:41] Implementing weekly Level 10 meetings

The weekly Level 10 meetings allows you to share good news, review relationship metrics, discuss highlights and priorities, and identify, discuss, and solve issues.

[13:14] Avoid unproductive communication over important relationship matters

There are two unproductive ways of communicating over important issues: either suppressing problems and building resentment, or unexpectedly bringing things up during fights.

[14:33] Find the balance between fake harmony and open criticism

In a state of artificial harmony, issues are suppressed to avoid conflict, building resentment and passive aggression. On the other side of the spectrum is mean-spiritedness. The goal is to have honest yet healthy discussions that seek the middle ground of truth.

[15:30] How to bring up issues during relationship meetings

The issues should not be impromptu but rather both partners should have access to a prepared list of topics they are ready to address in a structured manner.

[17:08] Conducting annual vision sessions

Adam and his wife also conduct annual vision and goal-setting sessions after the holidays to define values, envision 10-year goals, determine 3-year priorities and plans for the upcoming year and quarter.

Resources Mentioned:

Traction by Gino Wickman

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