Flow Over Fear: Let Love In

Letting Love In as the Catalyst for Transformation

Ready to face the pain of the past?

In this episode, Adam Hill speaks with transformational coach Jake Kauffman about his journey of personal transformation after facing childhood trauma. Jake shares lessons from his bestselling book Let Love In on healing from within in order to connect authentically and live with purpose.

Tune in as Jake bravely recounts his journey to overcome the lingering effects of childhood sexual abuse. Through therapy and self-reflection, he was able to process long-buried trauma and gain freedom from addictions. Now Jake shares his tools for transforming pain into passion. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to heal wounds holding them back from living fully empowered in the present.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Facing core beliefs that prevent happiness in the present
  • Addressing childhood wounds that impact relationships
  • Overcoming addiction to external validation and success
  • Embracing vulnerability to experience real love and intimacy
  • Discovering deeper meaning beyond achievements

Episode Highlights:

[02:48] Stop waiting for life to happen 

Jake discusses how associating happiness with a future idealized version of oneself creates suffering. This is because it says one’s joy is not available in the present moment.

[08:47] What transformation entails

Transformation is so much more about unbecoming, undoing, and unlearning than it is about becoming, doing, or developing.

[10:32] Why anger is the key to happiness

The more you address and heal the experiences that created your anger, the more you open yourself up to experiencing happiness. By facing negative emotions like anger instead of resisting them, we can gain insight into what is holding us back from living fully empowered lives. 

[12:10] Facing fears as friends

At higher levels of personal development, we learn to sit with difficult emotions like fear. Rather than resisting fears or feeling we must conquer them to prove ourselves, we can regard fears as friends.

[14:37] Leaping with faith

Embracing the unknown takes trusting in one’s vision and dedication to a higher purpose beyond immediate results or validation.

[18:03] Finding purpose beyond the ego

Jake discusses how true personal development requires “dying” to one’s ego, referencing a Bible passage about living for a higher power rather than one’s ego. 

[20:05] Transformation beyond behavior change

Our beliefs drive our thoughts, which then influence our attitude, energy and behavior, ultimately leading to our results. Jake explains that lasting change can only happen by first addressing underlying beliefs and identity, not just surface-level actions and behaviors. 

[31:00] Wounds of intimacy

Jake opens up about therapy helping him experience real love after abuse.

[47:01] Writing as a gift 

He shares finding his passion through addressing limiting beliefs within.

Resources Mentioned:

Let Love In by Jake Kauffman

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