Flow Over Fear: Creative Connection

Build Connection Through Small Creative Acts

Are you looking for a creative outlet to express yourself and connect with others? 

Today, Adam Hill opens up about his past struggles with addiction and how daily acts like posting dad jokes helped him find community. Adam believes creativity brings together diverse people by exposing us to new ideas. And being vulnerable through your art can connect strangers in meaningful ways. 

Give this a listen – it might just give you the push you need to share your talent and connect with others through your creativity.

Here are some power takeaways from today’s conversation:

  • Creativity can build unexpected communities and bring people together.
  • Sharing small, daily creative acts to help overcome addiction and disconnect from negativity 
  • Vulnerability and passion have the power to unite people from all backgrounds.
  • We all have gifts to share that can spread positivity and brighten someone’s day.
  • Taking creative risks and expressing yourself can help you connect in a meaningful way.

Episode Highlights:

[01:17] Adam’s amazing TED Talk experience

Adam shares how giving his TEDx talk at Boston College was a big step that deeply connected him to his message of creative connection.

[03:24] Creativity can help you create the community you never knew you needed

By consistently sharing even small positive creative acts with the world, we unexpectedly build the communities that we don’t realize we need or want.

[06:54] The negative bias of news and social media

Adam explains how news and social media have a negative bias, as they feed on people’s tendency towards negativity. They engage through arguments in the comments section, creating an addictive cycle that is really harming society.

[07:57] Lean into the healing power of positive creativity

We can do away with our negative addictions if we can actually lean into those small, positive creative acts – and then share them with the world consistently.

[09:18] Creativity and consistency will help you find your community

Adam shares how he decided to completely disconnect from the news, risking being uninformed, but it greatly improved quality of life, and over time a community developed around his consistent daily creative habit of sharing jokes, leading him to realize the power of creative connection.

[12:36] Creativity highlights our core passions 

Creativity has the power to expose us to more diverse communities with a variety of beliefs and opinions. By sharing our creative passions, we open ourselves up to building the meaningful connections across differences that are so needed

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